Summer Intern Profile: Asher Dvir-Djerassi

Asher Dvir-Djerassi

We're in our final weeks of our Summer Intern Profiles. The stellar efforts of talented student interns throughout the year allows NPP to expand and deepen what we do across all aspects of our work. This week's Summer Intern Profile is Asher Dvir-Djerassi, who joined NPP as a Research Assistant this summer.

By Asher Dvir-Djerassi

Hey there! My name is Asher Dvir-Djerassi. I am entering my final year at Hampshire College, where I have studied economics, public policy, and comparative welfare states for the last three years.

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and made the choice to move to Western Mass when I graduated; a much greener and cooler place than Vegas! After I graduate I would like to either work for a think-tank in Washington D.C. or teach English in Bulgaria (I know a tad-bit of Bulgarian and would like to become fluent) before I go off to graduate school.

NPP has been a wonderful organization to intern for and the work I have done this summer directly relates to my core academic interests. Over the last two months I have constructed a data-set on the cost of tax expenditures from 1974 to today. Estimates for the cost of tax expenditures have been collected since the mid-70’s, but this data has not been easily accessible to the public and to researchers until now!

This is the perfect moment for this data to be made available. As the debate in Washington has moved away from raising tax rates, it is clear that the only politically possible way to raise more revenue is to close tax breaks.

NPP’s work on exposing the cost of tax breaks will enlighten this debate. I am proud to be part of a project that may have quite an impact on one of the most important political issues of our time.