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I am a nineteen year old college student who is covered under Medicare/Medicaid due to a disability, but who nevertheless has no intentions of ever paying federal income tax - not until we cut our mil ... More

Clayton from Waukesha, WI | Map

I live in a beautiful area, and am blessed to be alive. My kidneys failed when I was in my early 20's, and I've survived the past 20 years with a lot of surgery and dialysis. I do get Social Security ... More

Merchelle from Sebastian, FL | Map

I am ashamed to pay my taxes because of how they are spent/wasted; constant war, murder, torture, imprisonment, violence, spying. Most of our money, both in the budget and hidden, goes to support viol ... More

Colby from San Antonio, TX | Map

My late husband had very, very heavy exposure to Agent Orange while serving in combat in Vietnam during the worst of the time and at a place where airplanes were spraying the poison every day. Agent ... More

Dee from Pittsburgh, PA | Map

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