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State Smart

Federal Funds in 50 States

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School districts around the U.S. and millions of college students get help from our budget each year.


Our budget protects endangered species, preserves over 400 National Parks, and funds alternative energy research.

Health Care

From Medicare to the Children’s Health Insurance Program, health spending is a big part of our federal budget.


Every state in the U.S. is home to Department of Defense jobs and federal contracts funded by our budget.

Get State Smart

Welcome to State Smart, your comprehensive source for tracking how federal funds impact all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Through this interactive publication, you can follow money from the federal level to your state through spending on government personnel, contracts, aid to individuals (such as food stamps and Medicare), and public assistance programs, as well as find out how much individuals and businesses in your state pay in federal taxes.

What percentage of your state's budget comes from the federal government? How much, on average, do residents in your state receive in federal benefits, and how does that compare to other states? Are military contracts a big source of income for vendors located in your state? How much do federal employees earn compared to average state salaries? Explore your state below to learn answers to all these questions and more. It's time to get State Smart!

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What Does Your State Pay, and What Does it Get?

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New Hampshire is the home of artificial rain, first used near Concord in 1947 to fight a forest fire.