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Will the Space Force take the Pentagon budget to Infinity and Beyond? - more

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How the Federal Budget Affects You

  • Discretionary Spending 2015 Discretionary Spending
    This is the part of the budget that lawmakers have to pass into law each year.
  • 2015 Revenues Revenues
    This shows federal tax revenue sources that fund the federal budget.
  • Total Spending 2014 Total Spending
    This shows how all federal dollars are spent, including discretionary and mandatory programs, and interest on the debt.
  • Where Your Taxes Went Where Your Taxes Went
    Ever wonder what happens to your taxes? This shows how each federal income tax dollar was spent last tax year.

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Bombing Syria vs. Raising Wages: When Do the Rules Apply?

The Biden administration is bending rules to drop bombs but not raise wages. That’s a mistake.

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U.S. Billionaire Wealth Surges Past $1 Trillion Since Start of Pandemic

Since the pandemic & economic crisis took off in March, 651 U.S. billionaires have gained $1 trillion in new wealth—double the estimated budget gap of all state and local governments, which is at least $500 billion.

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