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Climate Change and the Pope: Five US Budget Policies That Deserve Another Look

Yesterday Pope Francis added his considerable voice to the chorus calling for bold, immediate action on climate change. Here are five federal budget policies that don't live up to that vision.

Three Foreign Aid Mythbusters

On average, Americans believe that approximately a quarter of the US federal budget is spent on foreign aid. It's actually closer to one percent.

How DATA Act implementation is opening up federal spending

In May 2014, President Obama signed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) into law. Once implemented, the DATA Act will make it easier to understand how the federal government spends money.

Pentagon Prize Time: Top 10 Federal Contractors

In fiscal year 2014, the United States government paid out an astounding $444 billion in federal contracts -- equivalent to almost forty percent of the federal discretionary budget for 2014.

Leaving the Highway Trust Fund High and Dry

Since 2008 alone, Congress has enacted 33 temporary fixes for the highway fund.

Are We at a Turning Point? What We Spend on ISIS

With ISIS in the news again recently and new fears about abilities to contain the threat, we're taking another look at what this fight is costing us. 

What We Owe Our Vets on Memorial Day

In 2014, 27 cents of your income tax dollar went to the military for weapons, base operations, and war, but only 6 cents went to support generations of our nation's veterans.

Myth vs. Fact: The Pentagon Slush Fund

The OCO slush fund was originally designed to fund our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but it is now being used to help the Pentagon break existing spending caps. 

President Obama's Order on Police Militarization: Your Federal Dollars at Work

A new executive order prohibits the federal provision of tracked armored vehicles, weaponized aircraft and vehicles, grenade launchers, and other items to local police departments.

Move the Money 2015: Shifting Spending from the Pentagon to Local Priorities in New Hampshire

From May through July, National Priorities Project staff together with partners from the Peace Action Education Fund will visit four states as part of our Move the Money training series.