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Call your Senator: Stop the U.S. Role in Yemen War

You can help end the war in Yemen today.

Bipartisan Commission Wants Pentagon Budget Increase to Nearly $1 Trillion by 2024

A national security commission calls for annual increases of 3-5% in the Department of Defense budget—that could result in military spending of $972 trillion in 2024. But the Pentagon just failed its first-ever audit. If you don’t know where $700 billion is going, why would you know where $1 trillion is going?

Pentagon Fails Audit; Asks for a Raise

Asking for more money is not a good look for the Pentagon right now. But that’s just what a national security commission did last week, the day before the Pentagon announced that it had completed – and failed – its first-ever audit.

NPP Fall Party 2018 in Northampton, MA

NPP's Fall Party is November 13, 2018!

Today is the International Day Against Nuclear Tests

Activists around the world are uniting to call for a stop to all nuclear weapons testing. Period.

Trump's NATO Military Spending Request Would add $600 billion to World Military Spending

At the NATO summit, President Trump first scolded the United States' allies for not spending as much as NATO guidelines suggest on their militaries - now at two percent of each country's GDP (a measure of the size of a country's economy). Then he suggested double or nothing: every NATO...

House GOP Budget Calls for Drastic Cuts to Domestic Programs

This week the House majority released their budget blueprint for fiscal year 2019, which begins October 1.

Diplomacy is Better Than War in North Korea

 It would be overly cynical not to recognize the Singapore Summit's potential for good.

Google Brings “Don’t be evil” to Pentagon Contracts (Or does it?)

Google has announced that it won’t renew a Pentagon contract for military applications of artificial intelligence.

Memorializing America's Wars

Since 1940, the United States has been at war as often as not – 37 of the last 78 years, not counting the Cold War.