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Top 3 New Years’ Resolutions for Congress

Our top 3 New Years' Resolutions for Congress. Gridlock is so 2014.

Top 14 Moments from 2014

As we approach the end of another year, the team here at National Priorities Project has been looking back at our victories and favorite moments from the past twelve months.

Thank-You, Becky!

It is a bittersweet day for us here at National Priorities Project. While we are in festive holiday mood, and have lots of organizational accomplishments to be proud of from 2014 (did we mention we were nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!?!), we are also saddened that today is the...

Millennial Perspective: Our Failing Infrastructure and the Highway Trust Fund

Many of our roads and bridges are close to fifty years old and desperately in need of investments for upgrades. In a 2013 report America’s Infrastructure, The American Society of Civil Engineers gave our national infrastructure a D+ - hardly sufficient.

12 Days of Budget Policy Riders: What Congress Gave Away in the Cromnibus

Twelve of the more bizarre or outrageous early Christmas gifts to special groups that lawmakers delivered through policy riders in the 2015 federal budget bill known as the Cromnibus.

Cromnibus Winners and Losers: Renewable vs. Fossil and Nuclear Energy

Among the losers in the 2015 federal budget are renewable energy and the environment, while fossil and nuclear energy were winners.

Tax Extenders Pass Congress for 2014

Congress passes a one-year extension of tax extenders bill.

Congress Passes 2015 National Defense Authorization Act

For the last 52 years, Congress has not once failed to pass the National Defense Authorization Act (or NDAA) that provides funding to the military. And in a bipartisan vote, lawmakers just made it 53 when the Senate voted to pass a House version of the bill earlier today.

Is There a 2015 Budget Yet?

Throughout the day yesterday, sources were reporting that the massive $1.1 trillion spending deal lawmakers have been negotiating for weeks would not pass because there were not sufficient votes.

What's in a Cromnibus?

Spending caps, immigration, the F-35, military pay raises, Dodd-Frank, campaign contributions and more: here's what's in the budget bill.