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Diplomacy is Better Than War in North Korea

 It would be overly cynical not to recognize the Singapore Summit's potential for good.

Google Brings “Don’t be evil” to Pentagon Contracts (Or does it?)

Google has announced that it won’t renew a Pentagon contract for military applications of artificial intelligence.

Memorializing America's Wars

Since 1940, the United States has been at war as often as not – 37 of the last 78 years, not counting the Cold War.

Your Tax Dollars at Work: The Syrian Strike, Military and War

As our government launches unecessary and dangerous attacks in Syria, it's devastating to know who paid for it: we did.

“Is the U.S. at War Right Now?" and Other Questions

by Maryanne Magnier Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Editor's note: At a time when the United States is in the midst of its longest war ever, with no end in sight; when the president routinely and offhandedly spouts threats of war; when the military budget is higher than at any...

Trump's Massive Budget Cuts Spare the Military

Out of twelve major federal spending categories, only the military and veteran's benefits would be spared from the Trump cuts. 

Congress Strikes a Deal for 54% Military Spending in Federal Budget

The resulting federal discretinary budgets invests 54% of the federal discretionary budget in the miltiary and nuclear weapons. 

Cut off the Pentagon Funds and Stop the March to War

This is a president and military ramping up for war, in a country that has had more than enough. There's no other justification for the military spending Trump wants.

This Martin Luther King Day, Militarism, Racism and Poverty are Still With Us

Is the United States doomed to keep making the same mistakes?

Death and Taxes: Trump's Tax Bill and the National Defense Authorization Act

The priorities in Congress this week are clear: a $700 billion authorization for military spending in FY 2018, and a $1.5 trillion tax plan that bestows untold wealth upon the already jaw-droppingly wealthy.