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Defund the JSF Program, Refund Our Communities!

On the afternoon of March 28, 2024, an F35-B Lightning II fighter jet crashed into a hillside in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The nearly brand-new aircraft, demolished and ablaze, was previously worth roughly $109 million. Like many New Mexicans, the costly damage made me wonder, what else could that money have gone to? 

U.S. Military Spends More than the Next 9 countries in 2023

Globally, 2023 proved to be a record breaking year for military spending. 

What We Spend on the EPA Compared to Pentagon Contractors

Each year Congress gives more than 50% of its discretionary budget to the Pentagon. and one of the most wasteful uses of this money is on contract spending. 

The Climate Justice Movement Must Be Anti-War: Notes from Antiwar Organizers

No matter your specific organizational or ideological affiliation, anyone who cares about climate change today ought to understand the critical connections between war, imperialism, and the climate crisis.

Upend This Damaging Narrative About Spending

Polls say Americans should love the Build Back Better Act — but most are only hearing talking points about its price tag.

The Hypocrisy of the Federal Spending Debate

Why is it controversial to spend on social programs but not the Pentagon? Or to subsidize the poor but not the rich?


NPP Trade-Offs Tool Shows Us Exactly What Resources We Could Invest in When We Divest from ICE & CBP

Congress has the resources to invest in our community.

America's Nearly $1.3 Trillion National Security Budget Isn't Making Us Any Safer

Pouring more money into endless wars, nuclear weapons, overseas bases, and boondoggle weapons programs won't protect anyone.

The Military Wasn't a Way Out of Poverty for Me

For me, the military wasn’t a way out of poverty. Instead, militarism is why so many of us are poor in the first place.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and You. Which One Pays Taxes?

Leaked IRS data shows just how little billionaires pay in taxes.