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Congress Approved $778 Billion For The Pentagon. That Means We Can Afford Build Back Better.: 12/16/2021

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, Lindsay Koshgarian, and Liz Theoharis - Politico

Some senators say Biden’s social and climate bill costs too much, but comparing it to the military spending plan they just passed suggests otherwise.

Senate Slammed For Passing 'Bloated' Ndaa But Delaying Build Back Better Act: 12/15/2021

Brett Wilkins - Common Dreams

"Don't tell me we can't afford to fight poverty, cancel student debt, pass paid leave, and defeat the climate crisis," said Rep. Pramila Jayapal after senators approved the $786 billion military spending bill.

An Endlessly Increasing Pentagon Budget: 12/15/2021

Lindsay Koshgarian - The New York Times

“Houses Passes Defense Bill in Rare Display of Unity to Salvage Shared Priority” (news article, Dec. 8) didn’t do justice to the sheer size of the Pentagon budget. After months of intense debate over the president’s Build Back Better, at $1.8 trillion over 10 years, a Pentagon budget with annual ...

What’S In The $768 Billion Defense Bill?: 12/13/2021

Haili Blassingame - NPR

A $768 billion defense bill passed the House last week. Where is all this money going? And how could shifting national security concerns impact the future of military spending?

Senate Dems Scrambling To Pass "Build Back Better" Bill Before Christmas: 12/12/2021

Fredricka Whitfield - CNN

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Dr. Jeffrey Sachs interview with Fredricka Whitfield on CNN Newsroom, Sunday, December 12, 2021.

Progressives Slam Gop's 'Shameful' Attempt To Add Another $25 Billion To Pentagon Budget: 11/19/2021

Kenny Stancil - Common Dreams

"Congress must resist the demands of the military-industrial complex, and instead heed calls to invest taxpayer dollars into true human needs."

As Corporate Dems Belly-Ache Over Social Investments, Senate Panel Approves Extra $29 Billion For Pentagon: 10/19/2021

Kenny Stancil - Common Dreams

The Senate committee vote included $10 billion more than requested. "That's $100 billion over 10 years—or half the cost of universal pre-K, which we're told we can't afford," said one critic.

The Pentagon’S Bloated Budget Undermines American Democracy: 10/15/2021

Luke Savage - Jacobin

The Pentagon’s bloated budget is a colossal waste of resources that could be better used elsewhere. But it’s also an outrage to democracy.

Cbo Details How Pentagon Can Save $1 Trillion: 10/12/2021

Ken Silva - Epoch Times

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has released a report showing how the Pentagon can cut $1 trillion in spending by tweaking its national defense strategy.

As Cbo Shows How To Cut $1 Trillion From Pentagon, Progressives Urge Spending On 'True Security': 10/07/2021

Brett Wilkins - Common Dreams

"Saving a trillion dollars that could be devoted to preventing pandemics, addressing climate change, or reducing racial and economic injustice is no small matter."