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Progressives Slam Gop's 'Shameful' Attempt To Add Another $25 Billion To Pentagon Budget: 11/19/2021

Kenny Stancil - Common Dreams

"Congress must resist the demands of the military-industrial complex, and instead heed calls to invest taxpayer dollars into true human needs."

As Corporate Dems Belly-Ache Over Social Investments, Senate Panel Approves Extra $29 Billion For Pentagon: 10/19/2021

Kenny Stancil - Common Dreams

The Senate committee vote included $10 billion more than requested. "That's $100 billion over 10 years—or half the cost of universal pre-K, which we're told we can't afford," said one critic.

The Pentagon’S Bloated Budget Undermines American Democracy: 10/15/2021

Luke Savage - Jacobin

The Pentagon’s bloated budget is a colossal waste of resources that could be better used elsewhere. But it’s also an outrage to democracy.

Cbo Details How Pentagon Can Save $1 Trillion: 10/12/2021

Ken Silva - Epoch Times

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has released a report showing how the Pentagon can cut $1 trillion in spending by tweaking its national defense strategy.

As Cbo Shows How To Cut $1 Trillion From Pentagon, Progressives Urge Spending On 'True Security': 10/07/2021

Brett Wilkins - Common Dreams

"Saving a trillion dollars that could be devoted to preventing pandemics, addressing climate change, or reducing racial and economic injustice is no small matter."

Voices: The Climate Crisis Vs. Military Spending: 10/03/2021

Laurel Briar - The Garden Island

The Climate Crisis is the most-certain and the most-immediate of any of the threats the U.S. faces, including the military.

$21 Trillion For 20 Years Of War: But No Money For Human Infrastructure?: 09/30/2021

John Bachtell - People's World

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. has spent a mindboggling $21 trillion on foreign and domestic militarization. Meanwhile, the entire Republican Party and a handful of centrist Democrats are trying to block or whittle down a $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill that covers the next ten years because, they say, ...

Since 9/11, The Us Has Spent $21 Trillion On Militarization: 09/29/2021

Rose Aguilar - KALW Public Radio

Since the 9/11 attacks, the US has spent more than $21 trillion on militarization, surveillance, and repression, all in the name of security, according to the Institute for Policy Studies’ report, State of Insecurity: The Cost of Militarization Since 9/11.

Michael Moore Speaks On American Military Involvement Abroad: 09/27/2021

Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

NBC’s Mehdi Hasan spoke to Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore about his infamous 2003 Oscar speech, accountability in the ‘War on Terror,’ military spending, and President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.  

War In Afghanistan Isn’T Over — It’S Taking The Form Of Illegal Drone Strikes: 09/26/2021

Marjorie Cohn - Truthout

A drone flies over the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 31, 2021.