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Obama's Budget: 5 Things To Watch: 02/01/2015

Rebecca Shabad - The Hill

Federal Grant Programs For States Are On The Chopping Block: 01/12/2015

Timothy B. Clark - Government Executive

Gop Agenda 2015: Can The Republicans Govern?: 01/10/2015

Ginger Gibson - International Business Times

Buried Within Omnibus Bill, A 'Long-Term Blank Check For War Spending': 12/12/2014

Sarah Lazare - Common Dreams

Analysts warn that "emergency" war spending fund, which was supposed to be temporary, has become permanent fixture that inflates Pentagon's budget

The Ominous Cromnibus: 12/12/2014

Isaiah J. Poole - Campaign for America's Future

With all of the justifiable anger directed at what’s in the 2015 spending bill – the omnibus continuing resolution or “cromnibus” – that the House struggled to pass late Thursday, there is also a major story to be told about what’s not in the bill. 

Congress And Pentagon Shielding Weapons Contracts From Budget Cuts: 12/11/2014

Thomas Hedges - The Real News Network

Lawmakers and military administrators are shifting baseline funding to the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) budget, which is exempt from mandatory cuts.

$300,000 An Hour: The Cost Of Fighting Isis: 11/12/2014

Uri Friedman - The Atlantic

How To Save The Economy And Slow Climate Change At The Same Time: 11/03/2014

Lindsay Koshgarian & Heidi Garrett-Peltier -