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They Have The Reparations Money: The Us Has Spent $21 Trillion On The Military Since 9/11: 09/08/2021

Ann Brown - The Moguldom Nation

One of the arguments against the U.S. paying reparations to the descendants of American slaves is that such a program would be too expensive — that the U.S. just can’t afford it.

Millennial Lawmakers Offer Fresh Takes On Foreign Policy Ahead Of 9/11 Anniversary: 09/08/2021

Ahtra Elnashar - Sinclair Broadcast Group

Millennials who were just kids on 9/11 are now old enough to hold office. Research shows they're likely to see the world much differently than older generations because of their formative age at the time of the attacks.

U.S. In The State Of Insecurity: 09/08/2021

- WORT 89.9 FM

A recent report, “STATE OF INSECURITY: The Cost of Militarization Since 9/11“, co-authored by Lindsay Koshgarian of the National Priorities Project, looks in detail at the monies spent by the U. S. since 9/11, not just at international spending for the “War on Terrorism”, but also homeland security, increased spending on ...

Imagine If We Had Spent The Last 20 Years Fighting Climate Change Instead Of The War On Terror: 09/07/2021

Sarah Lazare - In These Times

At the dawn of the new millennium, we directed our national resources in the exact wrong direction. But it’s not too late to turn things around.

New Report Reveals The High Cost Of U.S. Militarism Since 9/11: 09/07/2021

Scott Harris - Between the Lines

Interview with Lindsay Koshgarian, program director of the National Priorities Project, conducted by Scott Harris   

Arab Voices: Cost Of Militarization Since 9/11: 09/07/2021

- Arab Voices

We speak with Lindsay Koshgarian, Program Director for the National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, and co-author of the newly released report “State of Insecurity: The Cost of Militarization Since 9/11”.

The Us Has Spent $21 Trillion On Militarization Since 9/11: 09/03/2021

Luke Savage - Jacobin

The cost of the War on Terror and its catastrophic consequences at home and abroad are staggering: $21 trillion, according to a new report. Imagine what we could do with that money if we used it for human needs rather than killing people abroad.

'War On Terror' Cost U.S. $21 Trillion, Its Conflicts Killed Nearly One Million, Reports Show: 09/02/2021

Tom O'Connor - Newsweek

The U.S. has spent $21 trillion on foreign and domestic militarization" since the fateful 2001 attacks that spawned the Afghanistan intervention, marking a new era of U.S.-led conflict across the globe.

According To Reports, The Us’S ‘War On Terror’ Cost $21 Trillion And Resulted In The Deaths Of About One Million People.: 09/02/2021

Jonathan Edwards - The Washington Newsday

President Joe Biden, visibly agitated, lambasted the estimated $2 trillion cost of the US war in Afghanistan during his first speech since the end of the two-decade military campaign there on Tuesday. Now, two recent reports show that the cost to the US and the rest of the globe is ...

Since 9/11, Us Has Spent $21 Trillion On Militarism At Home And Abroad: 09/01/2021

Jake Johnson - Common Dreams

"Our $21 trillion investment in militarism has cost far more than dollars."