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Here’S Where Your Tax Dollars Go: 04/14/2015

Robert Schroeder - MarketWatch

The federal government spent your income-tax dollars in two big ways in 2014: on the military and on health care.

Could We Get An Iran Peace Dividend?: 04/13/2015

Barry Ritholtz - Bloomberg View

The possibility of a deal to limit Iran's nuclear capabilities and end the international trade sanctions against the country raise a fascinating question: Will there be a peace dividend? 

Stark Choices: ‘People’S Budget’ Vs. Republican Plan: 03/24/2015

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (d-Ill.) and Lawrence Mishel - The Hill

The annual federal budget debate typically doesn’t excite many folks outside the Washington beltway.  And with good reason – the Republican budget process is intended to lull the public to sleep by staying short on details and long on damaging provisions that will hurt low-income and middle-class families. 

Balance The Budget, But Not On The Backs Of The Poor: 03/22/2015

Ellen Ratner - World News Daily

Although there is some question about the truth of the balanced budget, I remember the day that the White House Press Corps was called into the East Room for a ceremony marking “a balanced budget.”

14 Reasons Why House And Senate Republicans Have Declared Economic War On Average Americans: 03/20/2015

Steven Rosenfeld - Alternet

If you’re among the millions of Americans who feel bypassed by the economic recovery, you should pay attention to what the GOP-controlled Congress says it wants do to the federal government—via the 2016 budget—because if Republicans get even a fraction of what they have proposed, your living standards will start ...

Gop Stands In Way Of Obama Gambit For Offshore Corporate Cash: 03/12/2015

Ben Piven - Al Jazeera America

President proposes to tax companies’ foreign profits for half-trillion in revenue but faces tough congressional fight

How Does Obama's Education Budget Stack Up Against Us Citizens' Priorities?: 03/04/2015

Jasmine Tucker - Truthout

President Obama's 2016 budget proposal included many education initiatives that would be popular among the US population. But is 2 percent of the total federal budget pie enough?

We Must Not Fear Old White Men: Here’S How We Get Past The John Mccain/Fox News Problem: 02/23/2015

Bill Curry - Salon

Avoiding another disastrous Middle East war requires voicing our convictions bravely -- then trusting in democracy

President Obama's Budget: Five Small Steps Forward, One Big Step Back: 02/20/2015

Doug Hall - Huffington Post

On February 2, President Obama released a budget outline for fiscal year 2016 with many proposals that reflect Americans' most cherished values and priorities, according to opinion polls. The $4 trillion proposal is only a starting point for lengthy budget negotiations in the Republican-controlled Congress; however, it does provide important ...

How Much Will Obama's Aumf Cost?: 02/13/2015

- BBC World Service

BBC News Hour interviews NPP's Lindsay Koshgarian about the cost of Obama's proposed Authorization of Military Force (AUMF).