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Framing Climate Change As A “National Security Priority” Isn’T A Clever Maneuver To Get People To Care — It’S A Centrist Co-Option Strategy To Bloat The Budgets Of Ice And The Pentagon: 11/24/2020

Adam H. Johnson - Medium

Read the fine print before rushing to deem climate change a “national security” threat.

Liberals Rally To Forestall Nomination Of Fiscal Centrist Bruce Reed As Biden Budget Director: 11/21/2020

Jay Heflin - Washington Examiner

Liberal groups are rallying to forestall the possibility that President-elect Joe Biden selects Bruce Reed to head his administration’s Office of Management and Budget, as they fear his relative fiscal conservatism would mean prioritizing deficit reduction over caring for people hurt by the pandemic.

Transition 2020: Biden's Defense Landing Team Under Fire For Lack Of Progressives: 11/12/2020

Bryan Bender - Politico

President-elect Joe Biden's transition is getting pressure from liberal lawmakers, progressive think tanks and anti-war groups to bring on a more diverse and broad-minded set of Pentagon advisers who are not reliant on defense industry donations.

Climate Chaos (Part Ii)  - The Militarization Of Liberals' Climate Change Response: 10/28/2020

Adam Johnson & Nima Shirazi - Citations Needed Podcast

Everywhere we turn in liberal discourse, high-profile Democrats and center-left media are framing climate change as a “national security” risk requiring national security solutions. But here's why demilitarization and global cooperation are really key to curbing emissions in time.

How Bipartisan Anti-China Rhetoric Is Being Used To Increase U.S. Military Spending: 10/21/2020

Sarah Lazare - In These Times

Republicans and Democrats are using the “menace” of China to justify pouring billions into the Pentagon’s budget.

Looming Failure Of Stimulus Exposes Gop’S Double Standards On The Deficit: 10/21/2020

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

With Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell coming out against a stimulus deal, it looks increasingly unlikely that Congress will pass a COVID stimulus bill before the election. While supposed concerns about a clash between the stimulus and the vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court have thrown a wrench ...

Dismantling Systems That Enable Police Terror: 10/12/2020

Janet Michelle - Janet Michelle

If we are intent on getting justice for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and so many others, the system must be dismantled.

Democrats Pounce On Trump Income Tax Story, Renew Calls For Transparency: 09/30/2020

Rob Winder & Sean Rice - Cronkite News

President Donald Trump denies it, Arizona Republicans largely ignored it but state Democrats pounced on it – a New York Times report this week that the president paid as little as $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017.

How Nonprofit Organizations Are Encouraging Citizen Participation In America: 09/29/2020

Jessica - Great Nonprofits

If you have been looking for organizations to support leading into this election year and going forward, here is a sample of some of the great nonprofits working with citizen participation.

40 Groups Demand Congress Probe 'Gross Misuse' Of $1 Billion In Covid-19 Funding By Pentagon: 09/25/2020

Jessica Corbett - Common Dreams

"It's unconscionable that the department would prioritize defense contractor wish lists over the health and safety of the American people."