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Move To Trim Military Budget By Ten Percent Thwarted: 07/23/2020

Sam Husseini -

74 billion dollars could disappear from the Pentagon budget and barely be noticed by most current military operations, but would make a massive difference to any number of social priorities that currently receive fractions of military funding — especially during an ongoing pandemic and intensifying economic crisis.

As Congress Blocks Defunding The Pentagon, Here Are Ten Things We Could Have Spent The Money On: 07/22/2020

Alan Macleod - MintPress News

The National Priorities Project has put together a list of ten better uses for the $74 billion than giving it to one of the world’s largest bureaucracies.

Americans Want To Reinvest Ten Percent Of The Military Budget Against Coronavirus: 07/21/2020

Ashik Siddique - Data for Progress

Most people in the U.S. agree: it's time to reinvest from the bloated miitary budget to real human needs, like containing coronavirus. This week, members of Congress should vote to follow their lead.

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Cutting The Pentagon To Support Our Real Needs: 07/20/2020

Lindsay Koshgarian - Common Dreams

A 10 percent cut to the Pentagon could come from a multitude of places, including: ending our never-ending wars in the Middle East, reducing our reliance on nuclear weapons, and turning off the spigot to arms contractors.

America Needs A Transformative Foreign Policy: 07/14/2020

William Hartung - Forbes

“Going bold” on the creation of a an alternative approach to defense is both good policy and good politics. The public is ready for real change, not just incremental steps. If political office holders don’t seize this moment, we can expect a continuing decline in the safety, security, and prosperity of ...

Cut The Pentagon 10 Percent, Invest In Public Health: 07/14/2020

Lindsay Koshgarian - OtherWords

Tanks and ships can’t save us from our greatest dangers, so let’s pay for the things that can.

The Beginning Of The End For Ever-Rising Pentagon Budgets: 07/14/2020

Katrina vanden Heuvel - The Washington Post

The Pentagon is not likely to escape the growing imperative of change. And thanks to amendments to this year's NDAA, including demands for a 10 percent cut to the military budget, legislators won’t be able to hide what side of history they are on.

Defund The Pentagon, Too: 07/08/2020

William Hartung - The Nation

Any effort to reduce police spending and focus on social programs should include massive cuts to the Pentagon’s bloated budget.

Democrats, Be Bold On National Security: 07/07/2020

Joe Cirincione & Erica Fein - Defense One

Even before the pandemic, it was clear that more money didn’t mean more real security.

Representative Barbara Lee: ‘Defund The Pentagon Budget’: 07/02/2020

John Nichols - The Nation

The California representative is calling for reallocation from military budgets to meet human needs. And she’s got allies like Bernie Sanders.