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Joe Biden Isn’T Close To Being A Historic President Yet: 04/15/2021

Osita Nwanevu - The New Republic

It’s not clear that the president even has a plan to pass the kind of legislation that would earn him comparisons to FDR.

Pentagon And Tax Cheats Already Cost Taxpayers Far More Than Biden’S Job Plan: 04/12/2021

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

Is President Biden’s $2.3 trillion jobs plan too big? Conservatives are arguing that the package is too expensive and its broad reach is unnecessary.

Biden $1.5t Budget Proposes Major Hike In Social Programs: 04/09/2021

Niv Elis - The Hill

President Biden on Friday proposed a $1.5 trillion annual budget for fiscal 2022, $118 billion higher than the regular 2020 appropriations, featuring a significant 16 percent boost in nondefense spending.

Congress Urged To Reject Biden's 'Unconscionable' $715 Billion Pentagon Budget: 04/09/2021

Jake Johnson - Common Dreams

President Joe Biden on Friday is reportedly expected to request a $715 billion budget for the Pentagon for fiscal year 2022, a slight increase from the previous year and a far cry from the substantial reduction that progressive lawmakers and advocacy groups are demanding.

No F-35s In Madison – The Fight Goes On: 04/01/2021

A Public Affair - WORT 89.9 FM

We’re joined by environmental activists Steven Klafka with Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin and Lance Green from Sustainable Madison Committee for an update on ongoing efforts to halt the stationing of a fleet of F-35 fighter jets in Madison, planned for 2023.

National Priorities Project At Institute For Policy Studies And 20 Leading Peace And Justice Organizations Deliver Letter To Senate In Support Of Pro Act: 03/30/2021

Olivia Alperstein - Common Dreams

On March 30, the National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies joined 20 other leading peace and justice organizations in delivering a letter to U.S. Senators in support of H.R. 842, the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.

From Space Force To F-35s, Congress Given Specific Path To Cut Pentagon Budget By $80 Billion: 03/24/2021

Kenny Stancil - Common Dreams

"We have a choice: funnel countless trillions of dollars into weapons of war and Pentagon waste, or put our resources toward efforts that will actually make the world safer for all of us."

The Giant U.S. Military Budget: 03/11/2021

Undercurrents Collective - Undercurrents Radio WMUA

A Military Budget: National Priorities Project and Institute of Policy studies research analyst Ashik Siddique discusses the U.S. Federal budget, it's giant military and domestic militarization component, and the trade-offs in other federal spending that this means. (3-11-21)

The Real Costs Of The National Security State: 03/04/2021

A Public Affair - WORT 89.9 FM

Lindsay Koshgarian joins WORT 89.9 FM  to talk about her work analyzing the federal budget and the real costs of war, excessive military spending, and maintaining the national security state.

The National Security State Doesn’T Protect Us. Let’S Redefine Security For All.: 02/27/2021

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

After the nation watched white supremacists take over the Capitol building, the failure of the national security state to appropriately recognize and address the threat became a national scandal. But this “failure” shouldn’t have surprised us. If there is one thing that the trillion-dollar national security apparatus is good at, ...