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Where Your Tax Dollars Went: 04/17/2015

Tiffany Baker - CNN Money

Tax Day is all about income taxes, which make up nearly half of all federal revenue. Here’s a breakdown of what each of your income tax dollars paid for in fiscal year 2014.

More Money Spent On Tax Breaks Than On Discretionary Spending In U.S. Budget: 04/17/2015

- Fox Business

People often talk about controlling government spending, but they may not realize how the spending is classified and available for cuts as discretionary spending.

Four Charts Reveal The Hidden Facts Of Tax Day: 04/15/2015

Robin Claremont - Campaign for America's Future

Today is Tax Day, and millions of Americans are scrambling to file their taxes before the deadline. As you send in that check to the IRS or eagerly await your refund, have you stopped to think about what the federal government is doing with that money?

Tax (Break) Day: 04/15/2015

Jasmine Tucker - Truthout

As Americans file their tax returns this April 15, corporations will be taking advantage of the dozens of special deductions, credits and exclusions written into the US tax code in order to lower their tax burden. Each year, the United States loses out on billions of dollars in tax revenue ...

Here’S Where Your Tax Dollars Go: 04/14/2015

Robert Schroeder - MarketWatch

The federal government spent your income-tax dollars in two big ways in 2014: on the military and on health care.

Could We Get An Iran Peace Dividend?: 04/13/2015

Barry Ritholtz - Bloomberg View

The possibility of a deal to limit Iran's nuclear capabilities and end the international trade sanctions against the country raise a fascinating question: Will there be a peace dividend? 

Stark Choices: ‘People’S Budget’ Vs. Republican Plan: 03/24/2015

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (d-Ill.) and Lawrence Mishel - The Hill

The annual federal budget debate typically doesn’t excite many folks outside the Washington beltway.  And with good reason – the Republican budget process is intended to lull the public to sleep by staying short on details and long on damaging provisions that will hurt low-income and middle-class families. 

Balance The Budget, But Not On The Backs Of The Poor: 03/22/2015

Ellen Ratner - World News Daily

Although there is some question about the truth of the balanced budget, I remember the day that the White House Press Corps was called into the East Room for a ceremony marking “a balanced budget.”

14 Reasons Why House And Senate Republicans Have Declared Economic War On Average Americans: 03/20/2015

Steven Rosenfeld - Alternet

If you’re among the millions of Americans who feel bypassed by the economic recovery, you should pay attention to what the GOP-controlled Congress says it wants do to the federal government—via the 2016 budget—because if Republicans get even a fraction of what they have proposed, your living standards will start ...

Gop Stands In Way Of Obama Gambit For Offshore Corporate Cash: 03/12/2015

Ben Piven - Al Jazeera America

President proposes to tax companies’ foreign profits for half-trillion in revenue but faces tough congressional fight