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Imagine If Another Bernie Sanders Challenges Joe Biden: 05/08/2023

Peter Beinart - New York Times

Mr. Biden isn’t listening to ordinary Democrats on military spending, either. In March, he proposed lavishing more on defense, adjusted for inflation, than the United States did at the height of the last Cold War.

‘China Threat’ Needed To Feed The Insatiable Us Military-Industrial Complex: 05/07/2023

Alex Lo - South China Morning Post

Without an ‘enemy’, no taxpayer would fork out an average US$1,087 for Pentagon contractors over US$270 for their children’s subpar education

From Military To Policing, Say No To A Federal Budget That Prioritizes Violence: 04/26/2023

Maya Schenwar - Truthout

Biden’s budget would increase sky-high military spending and expand the police — and Republican proposals are worse.

On Earth Day, Consider How Militarism Affects Our Environment: 04/21/2023

Bill Christofferson - Wisconsin Examiner

Earth Day is a time to reflect on the impact humans have on the environment and on how war and militarism are connected to and responsible for the biggest threat to the ecosystem and the world’s population — climate change. 

Ordinary Americans Are Being Forced To Subsidize The Military-Industrial Complex: 04/19/2023

Luke Savage - Jacobin

This year, the average American paid $1,087 in taxes just for Pentagon contractors alone. Imagine the kind of society we could construct with just a fraction of the resources we devote to war.

Where Does My Tax Money Go? This Calculator Tells You What Happens After You Pay The Irs: 04/18/2023

Michael Grothaus - Fast Company

Maybe you can’t get out of paying the Internal Revenue Service, but a little transparency never hurts.

Average Us Taxpayer Spent $1,087 On Pentagon Contractors In 2022: 04/17/2023

Brett Wilkins - Common Dreams

"The main message? Our government is continuing to invest too much in the military, and in militarized law enforcement, and not nearly enough on prevention, people, and our communities."

Tax Day Is Pay Pentagon Contractor Day: 04/17/2023

Institute for Public Accuracy - Accuracy

NPP just released their Tax Day 2023 receipt, which found that the average taxpayer paid $1,087 for Pentagon contractors in 2022. The average taxpayer paid $70 for deportations and border control, versus just $19 for refugee assistance.

After 20 Years, The Department Of Homeland Security Is A Money-Guzzling Failure: 03/13/2023

Lindsay Koshgarian - Newsweek

Twenty years ago this month, the U.S. government took a sharp turn toward surveillance, racial profiling, and an immigration policy based on fear.

Want To Cut Spending, Republicans? Liberals Have Some Ideas For That.: 02/02/2023

Paul Waldman - Washington Post

If we wanted to do some budget-cutting — not under the extortionist threat of default, but just because it might be worthwhile — what federal spending do liberals think we could do without?