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Voices: The Climate Crisis Vs. Military Spending: 10/03/2021

Laurel Briar - The Garden Island

The Climate Crisis is the most-certain and the most-immediate of any of the threats the U.S. faces, including the military.

$21 Trillion For 20 Years Of War: But No Money For Human Infrastructure?: 09/30/2021

John Bachtell - People's World

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the U.S. has spent a mindboggling $21 trillion on foreign and domestic militarization. Meanwhile, the entire Republican Party and a handful of centrist Democrats are trying to block or whittle down a $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill that covers the next ten years because, they say, ...

Since 9/11, The Us Has Spent $21 Trillion On Militarization: 09/29/2021

Rose Aguilar - KALW Public Radio

Since the 9/11 attacks, the US has spent more than $21 trillion on militarization, surveillance, and repression, all in the name of security, according to the Institute for Policy Studies’ report, State of Insecurity: The Cost of Militarization Since 9/11.

Michael Moore Speaks On American Military Involvement Abroad: 09/27/2021

Mehdi Hasan - MSNBC

NBC’s Mehdi Hasan spoke to Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore about his infamous 2003 Oscar speech, accountability in the ‘War on Terror,’ military spending, and President Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.  

War In Afghanistan Isn’T Over — It’S Taking The Form Of Illegal Drone Strikes: 09/26/2021

Marjorie Cohn - Truthout

A drone flies over the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 31, 2021.

Dems Who Opposed Pentagon Cuts Received Nearly 4x More Donations From Weapons Makers: 09/24/2021

Kenny Stancil - Common Dreams

The latest passage of the NDAA "is particularly strong evidence that Pentagon contractors' interests easily take precedence over national security and the public interest for too many members of Congress," said one critic.

A Parable Of (All-American) Violence: 09/23/2021

Kelly Denton-Borhaug - Tom Dispatch

Accountability and the war of terror.

The Feminist Case For Cutting The Pentagon Budget: 09/22/2021

Carley Towne - Common Dreams

Twenty years after the United States invasion of Afghanistan, the peace activists and feminists who opposed the war from the beginning were proven right. Now, let’s listen to them and slash the Pentagon budget to reinvest in our communities.

Bite-Size Me: Why Democrats Fear Transformation: 09/21/2021

Peter Isackson - Fair Observer

Establishment Democrats want their military spending supersized and their domestic spending bite-sized.

Is The Pentagon's Budget Too Big?: 09/20/2021

Jonathan Chang, Meghna Chakrabarti - WBUR

The U.S. defense budget is more than $700 billion dollars. How efficiently are those dollars being spent? Congress keeps appropriating more to the Pentagon. But some lawmakers say it's time for a different approach.