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News Hour With Jim Lehrer: 05/22/2007

- National Priorities Project

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Are Iraq War Costs Spinning Out Of Control?: 05/07/2007

David R. Francis - Christian Science Monitor

The invasion of Iraq was launched four years ago with a "shock and awe" display of American military might. As bombs fell, Baghdad's skyline lit up. Today, United States taxpayers are faced with a bill for the war that could also inspire shock and awe. Through Sunday, the war's cost ...

What Does $456 Billion Buy?: 05/05/2007

- The Boston Globe

While there is some disagreement on the idea of troop deadlines for US soldiers in Iraq, all sides seem to be on board with the amount included in the bill to fund the war. Including the $124.2 billion bill, the total cost of the Iraq war may reach $456 billion ...

How Uncle Sam Spends Your Tax Money: 04/13/2007

Moira Herbst - Business Week

Tax time may be the least pleasant harbinger of spring for Americans. Wading through the math of a Form 1040—built atop the rules of an exceedingly complex tax code—can take weeks of preparation and calculation. After all that, do you ever wonder how—specifically—your money is being spent? Here are a ...

War And Taxes: With 40% Of Irs Revenue Going To Military, Resisters Prepare To Withhold Taxes To Protest War: 04/12/2007

- Democracy Now

Tax day is this Tuesday. The Internal Revenue Service is expected to take in over $2 trillion dollars this year. Nearly 40 percent of that total will go to military related expenses. Tax resisters across the country are planning to withhold part or all of their taxes to protest the ...

Abandoned Homefront: 04/11/2007

Brian McGrory - The Boston Globe

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Bush, Congress Tackle Shifts In Spending: 02/07/2007

John W. Schoen - MSNBC

Congress sat down Wednesday to begin hashing over the White House's $2.9 trillion budget proposal. And while no one expects the spending plan to make it through the process intact, the Bush budget has staked out the battles that will have a big impact on American's own household budgets. Though ...

Iraq War Spending Request Brings Total To $456 Billion; Proposed Budget Would Cut Programs For Neediest: 02/07/2007

- Common Dreams

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts - February 7 - While President Bush requests an additional $100 billion in war spending for fiscal year 2007, his proposed budget for fiscal year 2008 would cut $13 billion from programs that serve low- and middle-income Americans, according to the National Priorities Project (NPP), a non-profit, non-partisan ...

More Troops, More Dollars: 01/24/2007

- Common Dreams

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts - January 24 - The National Priorities Project released today a new publication, More Troops, More Dollars, which breaks down the cost of the Iraq War by state and congressional district. It also shows what the money spent in Iraq could buy each district in affordable housing units, ...

New House Members Busy Settling In, While A Retiree Reflects: 01/18/2007

John Laidler - The Boston Globe

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