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Why Is Trump The Only Candidate With A Budget Proposal?: 01/16/2020

David Swanson - Foreign Policy Journal

Every presidential candidate ought to produce a basic outline of a federal discretionary budget to give taxpayers some idea of how they intend to spend.

Wars On Iraq And “Terror” Cost $6.9 Trillion: 01/15/2020

8 O'Clock Buzz - WORT-FM

Jan talks with Lindsay Koshgarian from the National Priorities Project about her recent article in The Progressive Magazine entitled “Can’t Afford Another War”. She refers to data researched by the Watson Institute showing the cost of the Iraq War and related costs to $6.9 Trillion since 2001, and how that money could ...

Phyllis Bennis On Dem Debate: Support For Combat Troop Withdrawal Is Not Enough To Stop Endless Wars: 01/15/2020

Amy Goodman - Democracy Now!

Six Democratic presidential candidates sparred on Tuesday night in Des Moines, the last debate before the crucial Iowa caucuses. The debate, hosted by CNN and The Des Moines Register, focused heavily on foreign policy and rising tensions with Iran following the U.S. assassination of that country’s top military commander, Qassem Soleimani. 

As We Work To Prevent Iran War, It’S Time To End All Our Wars: 01/10/2020

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

Progressives are rightly mobilizing in force against war with Iran. Preventing another war is certainly imperative. In addition, we must recognize it is past time to end the endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As the budget process for 2021 gets under way, Congress needs to take the next step: ...

We Can’T Afford Another War: 01/08/2020

Lindsay Koshgarian - The Progressive

The United States spent over 800 billion dollars on the war in Iraq, while social services and infrastructure crumbled at home.

Beating Swords Into Plowshares Or Wind Turbines & Solar Panels: We Could Have Done It: 12/19/2019

Paul Gipe - Renewable Energy World

Yes, the United States could be generating 100% of its electricity from renewable energy if we had used the money spent on our ill-advised wars in the Middle East to build wind and solar systems, as well as battery storage, here at home.

William Hartung, Lessons From Battling The Pentagon For Four Decades: 12/15/2019

William Hartung - TomDispatch

As even Donald Trump has acknowledged, those trillions could have gone far in repairing America’s infrastructure and doing so much else in this country. In truth, as Lindsay Koshgarian of the National Priorities Project has pointed out, that sort of money could have underwritten significant parts of major initiatives like the Green ...

News Not Fit To Print: 12/13/2019

Richard Warren - The Chief

One advantage of actually watching the Nov. 20 Democratic Primary debate is I actually got to hear what the candidates said as opposed to what the mainstream media wanted me to hear or read. Among the claims made by the corporate Democratic candidates is that we can’t afford Medicare-for-all without huge ...

Us Navy Places $22 Billion Cyber Monday Order For Nuclear Submarines, But Who Is Asking How We Gonna Pay For It?: 12/03/2019

Jon Queally - Common Dreams

"If you're following the presidential race, you've heard plenty of sniping about Medicare for All and whether we can afford it. But when it comes to endless war or endless profits for Pentagon contractors, we're told we simply must afford it—no questions asked." —Lindsay Koshgarian

Justice And Opportunity Can Be Ours In Abundance: 11/28/2019

Erica N. Williams - The Hill

The outpouring of charitable giving we witness around the holidays reminds us of both the tremendous generosity of communities and our government’s failure to create a moral budget that guarantees families and children can live with basic human dignity. The work of charity is important — and so is the work of ...