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New Research Details Promise Of Converting From 'War Economy To A Green Economy': 01/26/2023

Kenny Stancil - Common Dreams

"Military industrial production can be redirected to civilian technologies that contribute to societal well-being and provide green jobs," says the Costs of War project.

The Chip War Comes Home: 01/19/2023

Taylor Dorrell - Business Insider

The collateral damage of America's battle with China for the future of tech

Democrats Are Making A Devil’S Bargain On Pentagon Funding. It’S Not Paying Off.: 12/23/2022

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

The year 2022 confirmed yet again that accepting massive military budget increases in exchange for a smattering of social benefits funding — a common devil’s bargain struck by Democrats in Congress — will never deliver the kind of world we dream of.

Military Budget Hike For 2023 Is 3,200 Times The Nlrb Increase: 12/22/2022

Sarah Lazare - In These Times

If a budget reveals what we value, this one should give us pause: extravagant spending for the war machine, scraps for workers.

Food Banks Struggle To Keep Up With Demand As Congress Passes An $858 Billion Military Spending Bill: 12/22/2022

Rose Aguilar - KALW Public Radio

As people struggle to put food on the table, Congress just passed an $858 billion military budget and Republicans derailed the Child Tax Credit expansion.

Pentagon Fails Another Audit, Yet Congress Poised To Approve $847 Billion Budget: 12/01/2022

Kenny Stancil - Common Dreams

"This isn't using our taxpayer dollars wisely," said the National Priorities Project. "It's robbing programs that we need, like the discontinued child tax credit that cut child poverty by half."

Lawmakers Set To Propose Record $847b For Defense, $45b Over Biden’S Request: 11/30/2022

Sharon Zhang - Truthout

Antiwar and progressive advocates have strongly condemned the proposed budget, calling it a “slap in the face.”

These Midterm Elections Have Enormous Stakes For Poor And Low-Income Americans: 11/04/2022

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II and Karen Dolan - The Guardian

Our wellbeing is on the ballot this November. Amid a pandemic, rising inflation, and deepening financial instability, we need a strong commitment from all candidates to our children, families and planet.

Peace Activists, 220+ Groups Demand Us Cancel F-35 Fighter Program: 10/17/2022

Brett Wilkins - Common Dreams

"To the people in the countries the F-35 is sold to and produced in, it's time we demand a reinvestment into life, not war," asserted Pink Floyd rocker and peace activist Roger Waters.

The Pentagon Wants To Keep This New Multibillion Dollar Plane A Secret: 08/24/2022

Connor Echols - Responsible Statecraft

The Air Force just awarded major contracts for a fighter that is supposed to achieve ‘air dominance.’ Why can’t the public see what it is?