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Taking A Cleaver To The Pentagon Budget: 07/01/2020

Jonathan Tasini - Working Life Podcast

Ashik Siddique, research analyst at the National Priorities Project, talks about where the Pentagon could be cut—and how the slashing could go far, far deeper.

Rethinking The Military Budget Amid The Coronavirus Crisis: 06/30/2020

Savannah Wooten - The National Interest

The U.S. government’s refusal to prepare for the coronavirus is exposing the sham of American “exceptionalism” in real-time.

Defunding The Police Means Defunding The Pentagon, Too.: 06/28/2020

Meg Gio - Medium

US war profiteering is taking taxpayer dollars away from critical domestic social services.

A Moral Agenda For A Troubled America: 06/21/2020

Rev. William Barber and Rev. Liz Theoharis - CNN

Whenever we demand what we know is necessary for all people to thrive, politicians who have accommodated themselves to America's inequality ask, "But how would we pay for it?" The Poor People's Campaign worked with some of the nation's best economists to find the money.

Dismantle The War Economy: 06/19/2020

Rev. Liz Theoharis - Open Democracy

To create real security, we must slash the Pentagon budget and invest in meeting everyone’s basic human needs.

Morning Defense: Support For Deep Pentagon Cuts: 06/17/2020

Bryan Bender - Politico

Lee’s nonbinding resolution calls for reductions of up to $350 billion in the defense budget and recommends, among other options, winding down long-running wars and shuttering 60 percent of overseas bases to save money.

Time To 'Reinvest In People' And 'Cut Weapons Of War': Barbara Lee Unveils Plan To Cut Up To $350 Billion From Pentagon: 06/16/2020

Jake Johnson - Common Dreams

"Redundant nuclear weapons, off-books spending accounts, and endless wars in the Middle East don't keep us safe."

‘Demilitarizing’ The Police Could Be A More Fruitful Rallying Cry For Reformers Than ‘Defunding’: 06/09/2020

James Hohmann - The Washington Post

Lindsay Koshgarian, director of NPP, said the 1033 program has been “terribly ill-advised” because it has incentivized using military-style equipment for law enforcement functions that don’t benefit from having it. “Police departments can ask for almost any piece of military equipment and get it with little scrutiny,” she said.

Morning Defense: Sasc Begins Ndaa Markup Today: 06/08/2020

Bryan Bender - Politico

“At a minimum,” the defense budget should be reduced “by cutting war spending and unnecessary weapons and service contracts,” says Lindsay Koshgarian, program director of the National Priorities Project.

Vijay Prashad And Zalia Maya: Defund The Police: 06/08/2020

Vijay Prashad - Daily Hampshire Gazette

Greg Speeter, the founder of the Northampton-based National Priorities Project, used to say that the values of a society should not be judged based on its Constitution; the values are clarified by the way it spends its tax dollars.