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The Cost Of The Post-9/11 Security State Is $21 Trillion, Report Finds: 09/01/2021

AJ Vicens - Mother Jones

The war on terror has fueled 20 years of massive military and other spending.

The Cost Of Wars In Afghanistan And Iraq Could Be Trillions More Than People Think: 09/01/2021

Vivienne Walt - Fortune

Left behind is the Afghanistan war’s mammoth expense, the bulk of it financed with borrowed money and whose financial impact could be felt for decades.

America's Price Tag For Two Decades Of War: $5.8 Trillion: 09/01/2021

Rachel Layne - CBS News

The wars' financial costs will continue to accrue for years even now that the last U.S. soldier has left Afghanistan. 

Since 9/11, Us Has Spent $21 Trillion On Militarism At Home And Abroad: 09/01/2021

Jake Johnson - Common Dreams

"Our $21 trillion investment in militarism has cost far more than dollars."

Post-9/11 Militarization Has Cost $21 Trillion—Here's Where That Money Could Have Gone: 09/01/2021

Jaisal Noor - The Real News Network

The $21 trillion the US spent on foreign wars and domestic militarization since 9/11 could cover the cost of eliminating student debt, the Green New Deal, vaccines for the Global South, and much more, says Lindsay Koshgarian of the National Priorities Project.

Even As Afghan War Ends, Gop Attempts To Add $25b To Military Budget: 08/31/2021

Jake Johnson - Common Dreams

"They want billions more for war even as we withdraw from Afghanistan. We have to stop this amendment."

Latest Climate Report A 'Code Red For Humanity': 08/30/2021

Eric Galatas - Public News Service

Less than a decade remains to avoid potentially catastrophic impacts of a warming planet, according to the latest report from the world's top scientists.

Report: Less Than A Decade Remains For Action On Climate Change: 08/29/2021

Eric Galatas - Nebraska News Service

The Pentagon has known for years that climate change poses one of the greatest threats to national security, yet over the past two decades Americans have seen $6.4 trillion of their tax dollars funneled into foreign wars.

Let's Take The Profit Out Of War: 08/25/2021

Sam Pizzigati - OtherWords

Military spending, Lindsay Koshgarian of the IPS National Priorities Project points out, currently "takes up more than half of the discretionary federal budget each year," and over half that spending goes to military contractors -- who use that largesse to lobby for more war spending.

One Year Of Afghanistan War Spending Could Fund Resettlement Of 1.2 Million Refugees: 08/17/2021

Jake Johnson - Common Dreams

"We've spent billions on war. Now, let's spend to bring Afghans to safety."