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The High Price Of Police Militarization: 09/23/2020

Mike Kuhlenbeck - The Progressive

A new study highlights the “cruel, domestic” cost of America’s post-9/11 wars.

Missing From Mainstream Media: 09/15/2020

Paula Orloff - The Union

How many jobs are generated by constructive enterprises compared to weapons and warfare? The National Priorities Project shows better employment from health, education, housing, and infrastructure building.

It’S Time To Rein In Inflated Military Budgets: 09/14/2020

Elliott Negin - Scientific American

In an era of pandemics and climate change, we need to reconsider what “national security” means.

Oregon Can’T Fight Wildfires Because Its Helicopters Were Sent To Afghanistan: 09/11/2020

Alan Macleod - MintPress News

Many of Oregon’s largest firefighting aircraft are not available because the Department of Defense has sent them to Afghanistan to fight in the 20-year-old war.

Austerity Politics Aren’T Going To Cut Out Of Control Pentagon Spending: 08/26/2020

Lindsay Koshgarian - Responsible Statecraft

For those who want to see a correction to bloated Pentagon spending — and the military overreach it represents — the deficit fears deeply ingrained in American politics may seem like a nifty political means. But this is at best a short-term strategy.

Move To Trim Military Budget By Ten Percent Thwarted: 07/23/2020

Sam Husseini -

74 billion dollars could disappear from the Pentagon budget and barely be noticed by most current military operations, but would make a massive difference to any number of social priorities that currently receive fractions of military funding — especially during an ongoing pandemic and intensifying economic crisis.

As Congress Blocks Defunding The Pentagon, Here Are Ten Things We Could Have Spent The Money On: 07/22/2020

Alan Macleod - MintPress News

The National Priorities Project has put together a list of ten better uses for the $74 billion than giving it to one of the world’s largest bureaucracies.

Americans Want To Reinvest Ten Percent Of The Military Budget Against Coronavirus: 07/21/2020

Ashik Siddique - Data for Progress

Most people in the U.S. agree: it's time to reinvest from the bloated miitary budget to real human needs, like containing coronavirus. This week, members of Congress should vote to follow their lead.

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Cutting The Pentagon To Support Our Real Needs: 07/20/2020

Lindsay Koshgarian - Common Dreams

A 10 percent cut to the Pentagon could come from a multitude of places, including: ending our never-ending wars in the Middle East, reducing our reliance on nuclear weapons, and turning off the spigot to arms contractors.

America Needs A Transformative Foreign Policy: 07/14/2020

William Hartung - Forbes

“Going bold” on the creation of a an alternative approach to defense is both good policy and good politics. The public is ready for real change, not just incremental steps. If political office holders don’t seize this moment, we can expect a continuing decline in the safety, security, and prosperity of ...