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Where Your Dollars Are Going: Why Some Antiwar Activists Are Withholding Taxes: 04/18/2017

Lindsay Koshgarian - truthout

Among the marches, petitions and call-in campaigns that comprise much of the Trump resistance movement, one resistance tactic gets little attention: withholding taxes. 

The 10 Main Ways The Government Spends Your Tax Dollars: 04/18/2017

Sam Becker - Huffington Post

Federal government spending is closing in on $4 trillion a year. Even though a new administration is promising a wave of change, it’s still going to require a lot of money to keep the country running. 

Where Did Your 2016 Tax Dollars Go?: 04/18/2017

Lisa Wade, PhD - Sociological Images

More than 80% of the US federal government’s budget comes from payroll and income taxes. The National Priorities Project is dedicated to helping Americans understand how that money is spent. Here’s the data for 2016:

 Building A New Movement Against Militarism: 04/12/2017

Phyllis Bennis and Stephen Miles - The Nation

 As Martin Luther King Jr. noted 50 years ago, you can’t fight militarism unless you also fight racism and materialism.

Why Tax Resistance Under Trump Needs Its Antiwar Edge: 04/12/2017

Frida Berrigan - truthout

Tax resistance, it seems, is having a moment. 

Why Trump’S Military Budget Will Encourage More War: 03/21/2017

Casey Given - Rare

Last week, the Trump administration released their “skinny budget,” outlining the president’s ideal levels of discretionary spending for federal agencies.

Congress And Trump Are Competing For The Most Destructive Budget Award -- And We All Lose: 03/20/2017

Judy Stone - Forbes

In my last post, I focused on research funding and how Trump’s plans would decimate education, research and scientific innovation for decades to come, all for his shiny military toys and the enrichment of his cronies. This post will examine some of what else we will lose by the ill-considered choices of Trump ...

Trump Executive Order Calls For Downsized Government: 03/17/2017

Adam Allington - NPR's Marketplace

President Donald Trump issued an executive order on "a Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch" today.

Trump's Budget: Feeling Safer Yet?: 03/17/2017

Miriam Pemberton - People's World

Millions of Americans are feeling uneasy, disgruntled, and insecure. That message sounded loud and clear throughout our turbulent election year. The Trump administration’s latest budget proposal isn’t likely to change that.

What Got Cut In Trump's Budget Proposal: 03/16/2017

LA Times Graphics Staff - LA Times

The White House released its “skinny budget,” a simplified version of the administration’s federal budget proposal for the 2018 fiscal year. It differs radically from President Obama’s budget proposals and includes large cuts in discretionary spending and additional money for defense.