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Trump's Budget: Feeling Safer Yet?: 03/17/2017

Miriam Pemberton - People's World

Millions of Americans are feeling uneasy, disgruntled, and insecure. That message sounded loud and clear throughout our turbulent election year. The Trump administration’s latest budget proposal isn’t likely to change that.

What Got Cut In Trump's Budget Proposal: 03/16/2017

LA Times Graphics Staff - LA Times

The White House released its “skinny budget,” a simplified version of the administration’s federal budget proposal for the 2018 fiscal year. It differs radically from President Obama’s budget proposals and includes large cuts in discretionary spending and additional money for defense.

U.S. Should Extricate, Not Escalate, Afghanistan Presence: 03/14/2017

Paul Kawika Martin - Baltimore Sun

America's longest war isn't getting any younger. 

Trump Is About To Run Into The Budget Reality: 02/28/2017

Kimberly Adams - NPR's Marketplace

The federal budget is not a zero-sum game — there are political pressures,and many items that simply can’t be cut.

Here Are 8 Things President Trump Can Pay For Instead Of Increasing Military Spending: 02/27/2017

Mike Rothschild - ATTN

"There is ample money within the Pentagon budget that could be put to better use," NPP Lindsay Koshgarian Research Director told ATTN.

How Will The Outcome Of Election Day Affect New Mexico?: 11/02/2016

Nikole Mckibben - Daily Lobo

The presidential election results may have more of an effect on New Mexico than many may think.

Obama's Pentagon Is Using A 'War On Terror' Slush Fund To Bankroll Dangerous Military Buildup Near Russian Border: 11/01/2016

Sarah Lazare - Alternet

The Overseas Contingency Operations fund allows the military to sidestep budget caps and political debate.

Us Air Force's Space Plane Has Been In Orbit For 500 Days, But Why?: 10/13/2016

Staff Writers - Space Daily

The US Air Force's unmanned X-37B space plane has now spent more than 500 days orbiting the Earth, without statement or explanation.

 The Average Black Family Would Need 228 Years To Build The Wealth Of A White Family Today: 08/08/2016

Joshua Holland - The Nation

Just as past public policies created the racial wealth gap, current policy widens it.

Peter Thiel's Conservative Case For Big Government: 07/27/2016

Noah Smith - Bloomberg

At the Republican convention in Cleveland, billionaire investor and entrepreneur Peter Thiel introduced two bold new ideas to his conservative audience.