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Our Skyrocketing Military Spending Helps Pentagon Contractors—Not Ukraine: 03/28/2022

Lindsay Koshgarian - Newsweek

Like the rest of the world, I've looked on in horror at Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It's heartbreaking to watch Ukrainians flee their homes as their cities are mercilessly bombarded. And yet as bad as this situation is, none of it justifies the $782 billion military budget just passed by Congress and ...

Biden Is Using The Ukraine Crisis To Justify Dangerous Investments In Nuclear Weapons: 03/28/2022

Sarah Lazare - In These Times

The president’s budget calls for $50.9 billion in nuclear weapons spending.

After Yanking Covid Relief, House Approves Package With $782 Billion For Us Military: 03/10/2022

Jake Johnson - Common Dreams

"This is the definition of prioritizing the Pentagon (militarism and war) over the people," said one advocacy group.

Is Super-Polluting Pentagon’S Climate Plan Just ‘Military-Grade Greenwash’?: 03/10/2022

Iffah Kitchlew - The Guardian

US military aims for net zero by 2050 but with a carbon footprint greater than some 140 countries critics say it needs radical change

'Holy Hell': Dem Leadership Pulls Covid Relief From Spending Bill: 03/10/2022

Jessica Corbett - Common Dreams

"Yet somehow, we can afford to throw $782 BILLION to the Pentagon," says Public Citizen. "It doesn't have to be this way."

The Existential Danger Of Using The Ukraine Invasion To Ramp Up Fossil Fuel Production: 03/07/2022

Sarah Lazare - In These Times

Just as scientists warn we must drastically shift away from fossil fuel extraction, the Biden administration is pressing for more oil production.

What Can We Do To Help Ukraine?: 03/01/2022

William Woodring - The Suffolk Journal

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, social media has been flooded with posts, stories and tweets about what’s going on and how it will affect the world. However, it’s vital that we remember those who the conflict has impacted the most: Ukrainian civilians.

Could The Risk Of War Pose A Financial Burden For Americans?: 02/23/2022

Sydney Kalich - NewsNation Now

The United States has provided $650 million in defense equipment and services to Ukraine this past year alone amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Ukraine Crisis: Urgent Action Gathering: 02/11/2022

Bernie Delegates Network - Roots Action

Discussing the Ukraine crisis.

Us Army Draws Praise, Criticism With New Net-Zero Plan: 02/10/2022

Joseph Winters - Grist

"This is a great step forward, but what is required is a more ambitious plan.”