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New Analysis Confirms Medicare For All Would Cost A Fortune: 11/03/2019

Adriana Belmonte - Yahoo FInance

Lindsay Koshgarian, program director for the National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, proposes cutting the military budget by more than $300 billion in order to finance Medicare for All.

Warren Faces Tough Choices On Funding 'Medicare For All': 10/24/2019

Jessie Hellmann - The Hill

Some experts say Medicare for All could be funded by looking at other areas of the federal budget, like the Pentagon.

There Is A Way To Pay For Medicare-For-All: 10/21/2019

Sonali Kolhatkar - Rising Up With Sonali

Paying for Medicare for All without raising taxes is possible if we commit to slashing military spending and Pentagon waste.

How Warren Could Pay For 'Medicare For All': 10/21/2019

Alice Miranda Ollstein - Politico

The top-tier Democrat — whose motto is that she has a plan for everything — doesn’t have one yet for how to pay for universal health care.

New Survey Shows Americans Want A More Progressive Foreign Policy And, Yes, That Includes Israel: 10/18/2019

Michael Arria - Mondoweiss

The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) released research detailing how Medicare for All could be funded by slashing the United States military budget.

Researchers Detail How Slashing Pentagon Budget Could Pay For Medicare For All While Creating Progressive Foreign Policy Americans Want: 10/17/2019

Julia Conley - Common Dreams

"Proposals to fund Medicare for All have focused on raising taxes. But what if we could imagine another way entirely?"

How To Fund ‘Medicare For All’: Slash The Military: 10/17/2019

Lindsay Koshgarian - New York Times

Hompeage image courtesy of Charles Edward Miller. As Democratic presidential candidates debate the merits of Medicare for All, a Green New Deal or free college, a chorus of scolds from across the political spectrum will chime in to tell you we can’t afford it. All these ambitious policies of course ...

Comments From Experts On A New Poll Showing That A Majority Of Voters Support Reallocating Money Away From The Pentagon And To Domestic Needs: 10/17/2019

Lindsay Koshgarian - Public Citizen

A majority of voters support reallocating money away from the Pentagon and to domestic needs like health care, education and environmental protection, according to new polling by Data For Progress and YouGov.

To Save The Planet, Cut The Pentagon: 09/20/2019

Ashik Siddique - Buzzfeed

For just over 10% of a single year's military spending, we could build enough green electricity for every household in the country.

Deficit Hawks Are Enabling The Next Us War: 08/09/2019

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

The U.S. budget is rigged to hold essential domestic programs hostage to the Pentagon's war chest.