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Pentagon To Receive $1.48 Trillion Under Two-Year Budget Deal : 08/02/2019

Amy Goodman - Democracy Now!

The U.S. spends more on its military than 144 other countries combined.

Why Did Democrats Pass Trump’S 2-Year Budget?: 07/26/2019

Sonali Kolhatkar - Rising Up With Sonali

The House on Thursday passed a massive $2.7 trillion budget bill with overwhelming support from Democrats and only 65 Republican votes. The bill suspends the looming debt ceiling for 2 years, until just before a new Presidential term begins. And it covers not one, but two years. Although it included ...

Peace And Justice: Poor People's Moral Budget: 07/05/2019

Chris Nelson - Peace and Justice, KZFR

With community radio in Chico, California, NPP research analyst Ashik Siddique discusses the Trump military budget and trade-offs on how that money could be used elsewhere, as detailed in the Poor People's Moral Budget.

The Democrats’ Cautious Return To The War On Poverty: 06/30/2019

Osita Nwanevu - The New Yorker

The Reverend Dr. William Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign believes that policymakers should speak both more specifically and more unapologetically about the plight of struggling Americans.

How To Raise $9 Trillion For Working-Class People Without Really Trying: 06/19/2019

Alan Pyke - Think Progress

The “Moral Budget” underlying a Wednesday hearing on Capitol Hill is both a plan for the future and a map of how democratic societies came to be in such bad shape in 2019.

Poor People's Campaign And 2020: 06/19/2019

Brian Lehrer - WNYC

On The Brian Lehrer Show, Lindsay Koshgarian, program director at the National Priorities Project, and Nijmie Dzurinko, organizer and chair of the Pennsylvania Poor People’s Campaign, discuss their work with The Poor People's Campaign convening in Washington this week to draw attention to issues of poverty, including a presidential candidates' ...

2020 Democrats Share Plans To Fight Poverty At Presidential Forum: 06/18/2019

P.R. Lockhart - Vox

On Monday, the Poor People’s Campaign also released “The Poor People’s Moral Budget,” published with the help of the Institute for Policy Studies. The budget calls for cuts in defense spending and an end to tax breaks for the rich, arguing that this money would be better put to use ...

Finally, Presidential Candidates Are Talking About Poverty: 06/18/2019

Greg Kaufmann - The Nation

A Moral Economy Would Save Taxpayers Billions Every Year: 06/17/2019

Sarah Anderson - MarketWatch

10 ways that doing the right thing would save us money

2020 Democrats Address Poverty And Systemic Racism At Presidential Forum: 06/17/2019

Thomas Kaplan - The New York Times

The Poor People’s Campaign and the Institute for Policy Studies, a liberal think tank, released the Poor People’s Moral Budget, a lengthy collection of policy proposals intended to help establish a “moral economy.” The proposals included reducing military spending by nearly half and increasing taxes on corporations and wealthy people.