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Obama Faces His Final Budget Challenge In Congress: 02/11/2016

Sonali Kolhatkar - Uprising Radio

The grey hairs that have sprouted on President Barack Obama’s head over 7 years could well be attributed to his long-drawn out and caustic battles with Republicans in Congress over his annual federal budget. - See more at:

6 Reasons Not To Reboot The Cold War: 02/11/2016

Miriam Pemberton - Foreign Policy in Focus

The Obama administration's final Pentagon budget calls for quadrupling spending on efforts to counter Russia.

Obama's Final Budget Not Expected To Go Far: 02/10/2016

Paul Tuthill - New England Public Radio

President Obama on Tuesday delivered his final federal budget proposal to Congress. The National Priorities Project called the proposal a “mix of old and new, of long shot proposals and sure bets.”  

Ben Carson Blasted North Korea For Spending More On The Military Than The Hungry. Has He Looked At His Own Country?: 12/18/2015

Ben Norton - Salon

When it comes to prioritizing the military above all else, no one comes close to the U.S.

How Much Money Goes To Fighting And Funding Isis, In Two Charts: 12/15/2015

Jessica Marmor Shaw - Market Watch

In 2015, U.S. spent $6.2 billion to fight ISIS, $35 billion on Afghan conflict

Us Military Readiness In Question Amid Calls For Syria Invasion Against Isis: 12/11/2015

David Sirota and Andrew Perez - International Business Times

Pentagon officials say that U.S. military resources are depleted from years of war. 

Five Prerequisites For War Against Isis: 11/24/2015

Robert Reich - Huffington Post

We appear to be moving ever closer toward a world war against the Islamic State. No sane person welcomes war. Yet if we do go to war against ISIS we must keep a watchful eye on 5 things:

Us Would Face Economic Disaster Without Raising Debt Ceiling - Expert : 11/05/2015

- Radio Sputnik

The main goal of the new budget is that it extends the debt ceiling for the US, Lindsay Koshgarian, research director at the nonpartisan National Priorities Project, claimed.

Bipartisan Budget Deal Averts Devastating Cuts But Lets Pentagon Sidestep Caps: 11/02/2015

Jasmine Tucker - Truthout

Hidden within the surprise budget deal that congressional lawmakers and the White House unveiled on Tuesday is a major windfall for the Pentagon: the inclusion of a $59 billion slush fund that will bring total Pentagon spending over the $600 billion mark in 2016.

Budget Deal Includes $59 Billion Pentagon Slush Fund: 10/30/2015

Sharmini Peries - The Real News Network