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Trump Wants To Add To The War On Terror’S $4 Trillion Price Tag: 05/05/2016

Eric Pianin - Fiscal Times

Billionaire Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, has boasted that, if elected, he would spend whatever it takes to rebuild the U.S. military and make short work of the ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq. 

Peace Is At Hand In Afghanistan — Or Not: 05/04/2016

Wahab Raofi - Huffington Post

“Peace is at hand.” Americans of a certain age will remember the phrase. It was spoken by U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1972, in reference to the war in Vietnam. Today, I can with the same degree of confidence say that peace is at hand in Afghanistan.

Us Spends More On Military Than Next Seven Countries Combined: 04/21/2016

Mark Karlin - BuzzFlash at Truthout

The US empire strikes back with a permanent global military presence that enriches corporations while decimating lives. 

The Steep Cost Of Tax Dodging: 04/18/2016

Jasmine Tucker - Truthout

US corporations enjoy US infrastructure, talent and other resources, but they're not giving back financially.

What Your 2015 Income Tax Dollars Paid For: 04/18/2016

Jeanne Sahadi - CNN Money

So, you've probably just finished settling up your 2015 income tax bill with the IRS. But unlike with other bills -- say, for groceries, utilities and clothes -- you may not be sure exactly what you just paid for. The answer is: A lot of things.

5 Reasons For Women To Get Savvy About U.S. Budget Dealings: 04/05/2016

Sharon Johnson - Women's E-News Network

The gap between male and female earnings is narrowing, but at such a slow pace it could take 40 years to close completely. To learn what government might do to speed things up, we turned to Lindsay Koshgarian, research director of the National Priorities Project, a nonprofit research organization in ...

Batman Movie Proves We Love To Waste Money: 04/04/2016

David Rutter - Chicago Tribune

Everyone who ever witnessed a massive, soulless waste of money has played the "what if they used that money for something important" quiz.

Prioritizing People, Not The Pentagon, With The People’S Budget: 03/30/2016

Jasmine Tucker - Daily Kos

What does America stand for? Opportunity and equality? Or imperialism and greed? The fact is that every year, without fail, our elected representatives hand the…

Five (Of Many) Ways This Gop Budget Would Do Real Harm: 03/23/2016

Isaiah J. Poole - Campaign for America's Future

House Republicans have in mind so many sweeping and radical changes throughout the federal government that singling out five of them only begins to capture the real harm a budget like this would do to real people, and to the country as a whole. 

 The 5 Questions You Won’T Hear Asked At Any Presidential Debate: 03/17/2016

Peter Van Buren - The Nation

Unless we address these long-standing foreign policy questions, we’ll continue playing international whack-a-mole for the next four years.