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Us Would Face Economic Disaster Without Raising Debt Ceiling - Expert : 11/05/2015

- Radio Sputnik

The main goal of the new budget is that it extends the debt ceiling for the US, Lindsay Koshgarian, research director at the nonpartisan National Priorities Project, claimed.

Bipartisan Budget Deal Averts Devastating Cuts But Lets Pentagon Sidestep Caps: 11/02/2015

Jasmine Tucker - Truthout

Hidden within the surprise budget deal that congressional lawmakers and the White House unveiled on Tuesday is a major windfall for the Pentagon: the inclusion of a $59 billion slush fund that will bring total Pentagon spending over the $600 billion mark in 2016.

Budget Deal Includes $59 Billion Pentagon Slush Fund: 10/30/2015

Sharmini Peries - The Real News Network

Putting Out The Syrian Fire: 10/18/2015

Jo Comerford and Mattea Kramer - Huffington Post

Can Diplomacy Do What War Couldn't?

Kickstart Our Hearts: Our Moral Depravity In Syria Rises To Callous New Levels: 10/09/2015

Ben Norton - Salon

We have money to bomb Syria, but not to help Syrian refugees. Our government's answer to that is just embarrassing.

Why All Working People Should Support The Iran Deal: 09/09/2015

Michael Eisenscher - Foreign Policy in Focus

We’ll never rebuild this country if we keep wasting money on war.

As Social Security Reaches 80, Americans' Love For Program Remains Strong: 08/17/2015

Andrea Germanos - Common Dreams

'Social Security is a solution to our looming retirement income crisis, the increasing economic squeeze on middle class families, and the perilous and growing income and wealth inequality'

Bernie Sanders Should Stop Ducking Foreign Policy: 08/05/2015

Norman Solomon - Al Jezeera

Change Your Gun Laws, America: 07/30/2015

Fareed Zakaria - Washington Post