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Vision 2016 | Beltway Broad View: Shifting Landscape, Spending Limits Spell Industry Uncertainty: 02/26/2016

Kery Murakami - The Tribune Democrat

The Defense department’s budget proposal for next year may bring a brief respite for defense contractors after years of lower funding.

Whither The American Dream?: 02/20/2016

Chen Weihua - The Nation

However, when 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders laid out a vision for the United States to provide free college education, raise the minimum wage to US$15 (Bt500), expand Social Security and address the widening income and wealth gap and the criminal justice system, he was labelled by his Republican ...

To Make Health Care For All A Reality, Stop Killing People: 02/19/2016

Maya Schenwar - Truthout

After eight years of swallowing massive, co-pay-coated promises of "universal health care," it's a relief that a substantive debate is opening up around single-payer health care during this election cycle. However, too many conversations on this issue are being halted by calls of "impracticality."

It’S Not ‘Free Stuff’ — It’S Using Taxes To Fund What We Actually Need: 02/19/2016

Zach Cartwright - U.S. Uncut

The corporate media’s pundits and the corporate-owned political class love to dismiss Bernie Sanders’ platforms as “free stuff” that can’t realistically be provided at a nationwide scale, all while completely ignoring the vast multitude of corporate entitlements that cost trillions to maintain. It’s time to set the record straight.

Obama Faces His Final Budget Challenge In Congress: 02/11/2016

Sonali Kolhatkar - Uprising Radio

The grey hairs that have sprouted on President Barack Obama’s head over 7 years could well be attributed to his long-drawn out and caustic battles with Republicans in Congress over his annual federal budget. - See more at:

6 Reasons Not To Reboot The Cold War: 02/11/2016

Miriam Pemberton - Foreign Policy in Focus

The Obama administration's final Pentagon budget calls for quadrupling spending on efforts to counter Russia.

Stop Spending Dollars On War; Use The Money To Defuse Our Toxic Environmental Time Bomb: 02/11/2016

Robert C. Koehler - BuzzFlash at Truthout

Maybe if we declared “war” on poison water, we’d find a way to invest money in its “defeat.”

Obama's Final Budget Not Expected To Go Far: 02/10/2016

Paul Tuthill - New England Public Radio

President Obama on Tuesday delivered his final federal budget proposal to Congress. The National Priorities Project called the proposal a “mix of old and new, of long shot proposals and sure bets.”  

Ben Carson Blasted North Korea For Spending More On The Military Than The Hungry. Has He Looked At His Own Country?: 12/18/2015

Ben Norton - Salon

When it comes to prioritizing the military above all else, no one comes close to the U.S.

How Much Money Goes To Fighting And Funding Isis, In Two Charts: 12/15/2015

Jessica Marmor Shaw - Market Watch

In 2015, U.S. spent $6.2 billion to fight ISIS, $35 billion on Afghan conflict