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Costs Rack Up In Isis Fight: 09/25/2014

Rebecca Shabad - The Hill

How 9/11 Changed America: Four Major Lasting Impacts: 09/10/2014

Matthew Green - KQED's The Lowdown

Afghanistan's Next President Missing Nato Guest: 09/04/2014

David Lerman - Bloomberg Business Week

Government Is Giving Way Too Much Money To The Wrong People: 08/27/2014

Dan Ritter - Wall Street Cheat Sheet

Corporate Inversions: What They Are And How They Cost You Money: 08/08/2014

Amanda Alix - The Motley Fool

No doubt you've been hearing about corporate "inversion" lately, whereby a U.S. company merges with an overseas entity, then restructures its operations so that its new home base is in the foreign country – which, almost always, has a lower corporate tax rate.

What America Could Buy With Offshore Tax Money: 06/06/2014

John Light - Bill Moyers & Company

An illustration of how billions of dollars in tax loopholes could be used to support other social needs like education, public safety, and infrastructure.