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Please Explain: The Fiscal Cliff: 11/16/2012

Leonard Lopate - WNYC

David Wessel, economics editor of The Wall Street Journal and author, most recently, of Red Ink: Inside the High Stakes Politics of the Federal Budget, and Mattea Kramer, Senior Research Analyst, National Priorities Project, and lead author of National Priorities Project's new book, A People’s Guide to the Federal Budget, explain what the fiscal cliff means, ...

Big Sticks Cost Money: 10/17/2012

Martin Hutchinson - Reuters BreakingViews

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy doesn’t match his thrifty approach to other spending. The U.S. Republican presidential candidate’s speech on Monday suggests a George W. Bush-like interventionist streak, another step away from the party’s pre-World War Two isolationism. That could lead to more Middle East conflict and defense spending. It’s also ...

What The Presidential Debates Won't Tell You: 10/01/2012

Mattea Kramer - Mother Jones

Five big things will decide what this country looks like next year and in the 20 years to follow, but here's a guarantee for you: you're not going to hear about them in the upcoming presidential debates. Yes, there will be questions and answers focused on deficits, taxes, Medicare, the ...

Fact-Checking Obama's Speech: 09/07/2012

Suzy Khimm, Sarah Kliff, and Dylan Matthews - Washington Post

TRUE – “After two wars that have cost us thousands of lives and over a trillion dollars…” The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost more than $1.37 trillion, according to the National Priorities Project. Over 6,500 US service members have died in the wars.

The Paul Ryan Budget: 5 Go-To Sources For Understanding It: 08/29/2012

Laura Edwins - Christian Science Monitor

The National Priorities Project (NPP) provides a side-by-side comparison of Ryan's and President Obama’s plans, as well as an alternative budget by the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), which was introduced in the House of Representatives at the same time as the Ryan plan.

Everything You Want To Know About The Budget: 08/27/2012

Lauren Feeney - Bill Moyers

Are you secretly confused by all this talk about the Ryan budget? If the conflicting rhetoric, incalculable numbers and incessant punditry leave your head spinning — don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here to help is Mattea Kramer, author of A People’s Guide to the Federal Budget and senior research analyst ...

Four Spending Myths Keeping U.S. From Recovery: 07/18/2012

Mattea Kramer - CBS News

We’re at the edge of the cliff of deficit disaster!  National security spending is being, or will soon be, slashed to the bone!  Obamacare will sink the ship of state. Each of these claims has grabbed national attention in a big way, sucking up years’ worth of precious airtime. That’s ...

What Do We Need To Know About The Federal Budget?: 07/17/2012

Rose Aguilar - KALW Public Radio in San Francisco

On today’s Your Call, we’ll have a conversation with National Priorities Project researcher Mattea Kramer about her new book, A People's Guide to the Federal Budget.

How To Close The Budget Deficit Without Raising Tax Rates: 06/06/2012

Mattea Kramer - Christian Science Monitor

Every lawmaker in Washington knows how to close budget deficits, though many people outside Washington may not have heard about this possible solution. While federal spending and budget deficits are widely covered in the news, it’s rarely mentioned that federal tax revenues as a share of the economy are at ...

Two Choices Before Us: 05/29/2012

Ted Braun - Crossville Chronicle

CROSSVILLE — This week started off with two historic commemorations—a religious event that turned political, and a political event that turned religious.