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Afghanistan's Next President Missing Nato Guest: 09/04/2014

David Lerman - Bloomberg Business Week

Government Is Giving Way Too Much Money To The Wrong People: 08/27/2014

Dan Ritter - Wall Street Cheat Sheet

Corporate Inversions: What They Are And How They Cost You Money: 08/08/2014

Amanda Alix - The Motley Fool

No doubt you've been hearing about corporate "inversion" lately, whereby a U.S. company merges with an overseas entity, then restructures its operations so that its new home base is in the foreign country – which, almost always, has a lower corporate tax rate.

What America Could Buy With Offshore Tax Money: 06/06/2014

John Light - Bill Moyers & Company

An illustration of how billions of dollars in tax loopholes could be used to support other social needs like education, public safety, and infrastructure.

Obama Nears Decision On Troop Levels For Afghanistan: 05/26/2014

Margaret Talev and David Lerman - Bloomberg

After a surprise trip to Afghanistan yesterday to thank U.S. troops, President Barack Obama is nearing a decision on how and when to let them come home. The conflict has cost the U.S. more than $720 billion since 2001, according to the National Priorities Project, which studies federal spending.

Is The U.S. Welfare System Broken?: 05/17/2014

Anthea Mitchell - Wall Street Cheat Sheet

The Big Money In Tax Breaks Continues: 05/10/2014

Becky Sweger - Truthout

The federal tax code includes hundreds of tax breaks (called tax expenditures within the federal government) meant to encourage activities that lawmakers deem beneficial to society

Jo Comerford Stepping Down As Executive Director: 05/01/2014

Chad Cain - Daily Hampshire Gazette

After six years of leading Northampton-based National Priorities Project to international acclaim that included the nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize, Jo Comerford is stepping down as executive director this month.

The Surprising Truth Behind Tax Day: Where Your Taxes Go: 04/15/2014

Robin Claremont - Bill Moyers & Company

Millions of Americans file their federal income tax returns on April 15 each year with no idea what the government actually does with all that money.