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Obama's Budget: 5 Things To Watch: 02/01/2015

Rebecca Shabad - The Hill

Federal Grant Programs For States Are On The Chopping Block: 01/12/2015

Timothy B. Clark - Government Executive

Gop Agenda 2015: Can The Republicans Govern?: 01/10/2015

Ginger Gibson - International Business Times

The Ominous Cromnibus: 12/12/2014

Isaiah J. Poole - Campaign for America's Future

With all of the justifiable anger directed at what’s in the 2015 spending bill – the omnibus continuing resolution or “cromnibus” – that the House struggled to pass late Thursday, there is also a major story to be told about what’s not in the bill. 

Buried Within Omnibus Bill, A 'Long-Term Blank Check For War Spending': 12/12/2014

Sarah Lazare - Common Dreams

Analysts warn that "emergency" war spending fund, which was supposed to be temporary, has become permanent fixture that inflates Pentagon's budget

Congress And Pentagon Shielding Weapons Contracts From Budget Cuts: 12/11/2014

Thomas Hedges - The Real News Network

Lawmakers and military administrators are shifting baseline funding to the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) budget, which is exempt from mandatory cuts.

$300,000 An Hour: The Cost Of Fighting Isis: 11/12/2014

Uri Friedman - The Atlantic

How To Save The Economy And Slow Climate Change At The Same Time: 11/03/2014

Lindsay Koshgarian & Heidi Garrett-Peltier -