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Trump Tax Plan 2.0 Cements The Worst Economic Policy In A Generation: 09/23/2018

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

Hot on the heels of last year’s once-in-a-generation tax changes, House Republicans are pushing a new, extended plan to double down on their previous efforts, which primarily awarded tax giveaways to corporations and the wealthy.

Republicans Scramble To Make Tax Cuts Permanent Ahead Of Midterms: 09/13/2018

Rising Up with Sonali - Pacifica KPFK

House Ways and Means chairman Kevin Brady on Monday unveiled three tax reform bills as part of a Republican-led effort to make permanent many of the tax cuts enshrined in the law that passed last year

Seventeen Years After 9/11, Pentagon Report Ignores Trillions Of Dollars Spent On Endless War: 09/11/2018

Jessica Corbett - Common Dreams

Despite independent analyses that have put post-9/11 war spending at more than $5 trillion, the Pentagon's latest lowball estimate is making headlines.

Trump Snubbed Mccain. The Media Snubbed The Rest Of Us.: 08/15/2018

Peter Certo - OtherWords

If the media deems a petty snub more controversial than a massive, war-mongering spending bill, you can be sure Congress will follow. The bill passed by huge bipartisan margins in both the House and Senate.

The $717 Billion Defense Bill That Just Breezed Through The Senate Should Be A National Scandal: 08/03/2018

Lindsay Koshgarian - In These Times

Democrats and Republicans rubber-stamped a severely bloated war budget.

The People Saying We Can't Afford To Make College Free Spent $5.6 Trillion On A Pointless War: 07/17/2018

Lindsay Koshgarian - BuzzFeed

Ideas like Medicare for all are written off as fantasy thinking by the same people who support virtually unlimited military spending.

Trump’S Complaints About Nato Defense Spending Don’T Add Up: 07/12/2018

Lindsay Koshgarian - Fortune

Of course, we don’t need Europe to spend more to justify spending less on our military. There’s already plenty to cut without compromising national security. A Department of Defense study found $125 billion in wasteful bureaucratic spending in the Pentagon—and was quietly buried until reporters at TheWashington Post dug it up.

Snapshots Of Our Bloated Military Budget: 06/22/2018

Lindsay Koshgarian - The Nation

The Pentagon has seriously misplaced priorities.

The Gop’S New Tax Plan: A Distraction That Could Throw The Midterm Elections: 06/21/2018

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

President Trump and conservative congressional leaders are talking up a new incarnation of their 2017 tax plan that they say would come to a vote in Congress before the midterm elections.