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What's Another $1 Trillion?: 12/05/2017

Kai Ryssdal - NPR's Marketplace

We get down to the differences between the Senate and House versions of the tax bill, and debt created is one of those differences. Also included is the number of tax brackets, the alternative minimum tax and the amount of the child tax credit. Plus, Marketplace’s Dan Gorenstein is in ...

Tax Plans Pave Way For Massive Cuts To Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security: 12/05/2017

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

While the Senate and House versions of the highly unpopular GOP tax bill are being reconciled, it's important to remember that the two have one thing in common: adding significantly to the national debt. This may seem counterintuitive for fiscal conservatives, but it's the perfect cover for the GOP's real ...

10 Reasons To Revive The 1968 Poor People’S Campaign: 12/04/2017

Sarah Anderson - The Nation

Inspired by an initiative cut short by the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., moral leaders are planning a wave of civil disobedience.

What Else Could A Tax Cut For The Richest 1% Buy?: 11/13/2017

Lindsay Koshgarian - Common Dreams

  Basic facts remain murky for a public trying to understand what this tax plan means: how much can $1 billion buy?

Trump Tax Plan Would Deal Long-Term Blow To Working- And Middle-Class Americans: 11/03/2017

Lindsay Koshgarian - Truthout

The tax plan now under consideration by Congress is remarkable for its consistency: a raft of provisions that disproportionately benefit corporations and wealthy Americans and do little for poor, working- and middle-class people.

Here Are The Hard Numbers On The War In Afghanistan Trump Left Out Of His Speech: 08/22/2017

Mike Ludwig - truthout

Last night, President Trump was expected to announce that he would be sending several thousand more troops to Afghanistan, where the United States has been at war for 16 years and violence and corruption have become a way of life.

Budget Time!: 07/19/2017

Stacey Vanek Smith, Jacob Goldstein - NPR Planet Money

On today's show, we are going to explain every dollar the federal government spent last year — nearly $4 trillion — in 10 minutes.

How Much Has War Cost American Taxpayers Since 9/11? Estimates Are In The Trillions: 04/19/2017

Cameron Norsworthy - Romper

Volatile international relations between the United States and other nations have brought the possibility of war to the forefront of public discussion. 

How Your Taxes Are Spent: 04/18/2017

Patrick Garvin - Boston Globe

For most taxpayers, Tuesday’s deadline for filing 2016 returns wasn’t all that stressful, despite the ridiculously complicated process that elected officials have for decades promised to simplify.

The 10 Main Ways The Government Spends Your Tax Dollars: 04/18/2017

Sam Becker - Huffington Post

Federal government spending is closing in on $4 trillion a year. Even though a new administration is promising a wave of change, it’s still going to require a lot of money to keep the country running.