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A Look At The Estimated Costs Of War: 04/07/2008

- The Associated Press

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Osba Legislation News: 03/24/2008

- Ohio State Bar Association

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Five Years Of War: Billions Squandered, Opportunities Lost: 03/18/2008

Greg Speeter - The Huffington Post

At the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War, it's fitting to take stock: What has the war cost your community? Of course there is no greater cost than the hundreds of thousands of lives lost in this unnecessary and tragic war. But the dollar cost has other enormous human consequences ...

Upi Newstrack Topnews: Drop In Us Army Recruits With Diplomas: 01/23/2008

- United Press International

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23 (UPI) -- The number of recruits entering the U.S. Army with high school diplomas hit a new low last year, a research group reported. From its Massachusetts headquarters, the National Priorities Project said the number of high school graduates among new recruits fell from 83.5 percent in ...

Us Hopes Jobs Dim Allure Of Iraq's Militant Groups: 01/03/2008

Elena Becatoros - The Seattle Times

HUDA, Iraq — Children skip across a stream of raw sewage on a side road, trash piles up in a dusty lot and there are few desks — and even fewer chairs — in the village school's dark, cold classrooms. On the main street, fruits and vegetables are displayed for ...

State Benefits From Defense Spending: 11/05/2007

- Connecticut Post

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More Outrage In Iraq, More Billions Down The Drain: 10/25/2007

- People's World

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President Bush Presses Congress For Extra $42 Bn To Fund Wars: 10/23/2007

Tom Baldwin - Times Online

President Bush yesterday asked Congress for another multibillion-dollar slice of military funding, spending which should ensure the cost of the Iraq war rises over the $500 billion mark early in the new year. His request for an additional $42 billion brings the total budget for Iraq and Afghanistan wars in ...

A Troubling Turn In American History: 10/08/2007

James Carroll - The Boston Globe

IF COLUMBUS is the beginning of the story, and, say, Lincoln is the middle, what is the end? Each episode of the American narrative surfaced a problem, which prompted attempts to resolve it, which led in turn to a new problem. This movement from problem to resolution to new problem ...

Ending War For Profit: 09/27/2007

- The Nation