Budget Deal Ensures Bombs Will Keep Dropping While Fewer Human Needs Are Met

NPP Pressroom

Lindsay Koshgarian

Every year, Democrats in Congress use an implicit threat to keep fiscal extremists in the Republican Party from gutting the safety net: cuts to the military budget. And every year, they back off that threat. The resolution, every time, is a growing military budget.

This year, congressional leadership in the House and Senate have negotiated a budget with domestic spending — everything from public education and public health, to housing and environmental protections — frozen at almost last year’s level. Accounting for inflation, that amounts to a cut in domestic spending. In exchange for this pittance, the Democratic Party accepts a military spending increase that puts the country on track for the highest military budget since World War II.

In practice, a budget that freezes domestic spending while increasing military spending risks the lives of both people in the United States and those who fall victim to U.S. militarism abroad.

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