What People are Saying About NPP

Within the world’s largest-spending state in terms of military budgets, i.e. the USA, few have devoted as much energy to studying the budget process as National Priorities Project. And few have brought to the task such a clear and steadfast commitment to re-allocating the enormous sums devoted to the military, in order to instead address vital issues such as inequality, unemployment, education, health and the need to build a green economy.

International Peace Bureau, in its nomination of NPP for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize

I've found NPP's work to be an extraordinarily valuable source of insight and analysis with regard to what's at stake for the nation, what our priorities ought to be, and how far we've drifted from those widely-shared goals.

Robert Reich

I greatly value NPP's work and use it regularly in my own work.

Bill Moyers

NPP's work has demonstrated that another way is possible, and that we could start building it right now with a shift in spending and policy priorities. Whenever we're faced with a doubter telling us that health care or education or pretty much any social good is just too expensive and we can't afford it, we pull out numbers from NPP to show them the hard data that we can afford a better future. What we can't afford is ignoring this data and continuing business as usual.

Annie Leonard, Story of Stuff

All of our work is data-driven - in fact, we may be the only activist movement on earth that uses a data point as its name and rallying cry. And we're grateful to the NPP for their data - in particular, understanding the pernicious role of fossil fuel subsidies has been highly useful. Thanks!

Bill McKibben, 350.org

MoveOn has often used National Priorities Project data to empower our members to speak knowledgeably and compellingly about huge issues -- from military spending on the Iraq War (or now, the prospect of a military intervention in Syria), to the impacts of the sequester. NPP is a vital resource -- the progressive movement depends on you!

Anna Galland, MoveOn.org

Each year, when the president presents his budget proposal for the coming fiscal year, NPP provides a variety of analyses that help clarify what is in the budget, how that defines the nation's priorities, and how that affects communities and the lives of individuals. NPP provides a very helpful alternative lens to view and understand the federal budget that we turn to every year. There's no way you can make good, thoughtful decisions and choices without good, thoughtful information and analyses.

U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.)

National People's Action has relied on our partner NPP for the hard data and lucid explanation they provide for everything from educating neighborhood leaders and staff on the budget process to understanding exactly where our affordable housing dollars have gone. We've used NPP to help write the signs that are carried at direct action marches on Wall Street and on legislative fact sheets carried on Capitol Hill.

Liz Ryan Murray, National People's Action

NPP is not only dedicated to having a national impact and providing support to national entities through their activities, but they are also admirably supportive of local efforts and are one of the very few national groups dedicated to providing local networks with data specific to their geographies.

Sarita Gupta, Jobs with Justice

Without NPP the movements for justice and peace would be less likely to win. The stronger NPP becomes the more likely a more just, equitable and peaceful world will become a reality.

Judith Le Blanc, Peace Action

Our budget problem is not that we spend too much, but that we spend far too much in areas where we shouldn't, and far too little in other places, which could do so much to improve the quality of the lives of all Americans. National Priorities Project has consistently been one of the few organizations to draw attention to this point. Providing vital advocacy as we shift away from grossly excessive military spending and into categories that will be far more productive for our quality of life is a great asset, and one that I believe will become increasingly important as we deal with a budget crisis that will only be resolved sensibly if the country pays attention to NPP's advice.

Former Congressman Barney Frank