NPP Launches "Ask Kyle" – Your Personal Concierge to the Federal Budget

Greetings All,

My name is Kyle Andrejczyk (pronounced ann-dray-zik) and I'm here to help. I invite you to join me this summer as we all try to navigate the murky waters of the federal budgetary process. If last year's budget process is any indicator, then the course ahead will surely be laden with snags, chokers and rocks that could easily sink any ship. In trying to make sense of what's happening in Washington, you can become overwhelmed with information just as if you tipped a canoe far enough to watch the water rush in over the edge.  But fear not fellow concerned citizens! I will be your guide on this river: diverting you from hazards and getting you safely to port.

Here at the National Priorities Project, our goal is to make the federal budget process as transparent as possible to promote maximum democratic engagement. So this summer, think of me as your personal concierge at NPP. As the budget battle wages on send me your questions, thoughts, baked goods/care packages, concerns and I will help make sense of everything. I am mere feet away from some of the most dedicated people in the field of federal budget analysis and I have nothing but time on my hands. Your questions will become my questions, your concerns will be my concerns. I will get you answers. And maybe, just maybe, everything happening in Washington will start making sense. This summer, I invite you to “Ask Kyle” about anything that's happening in Washington. Send your questions to, or post your “Ask Kyle” questions on our Facebook page:

Your Friend on the River,

Kyle Andrejczyk