We hear you Mr. Norquist but we will not yield!

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Here we go again.

For the second year in a row, Congress will not complete the federal budget process in time for the October 1 turn of the fiscal year.

Last year, we were dragged through eight painful continuing resolutions lasting until mid-April – leading ultimately to decreases – largely in non-security discretionary spending – totaling $38 billion.

And this summer's political theatre revolved around the debt ceiling and threats of a government shutdown. Unfortunately, even as the Super Committee charts the next decade of federal spending and revenue priorities, we're on track this fall for more of the same nonsense for FY2012.

The House has past the first Continuing Resolution for FY2012, destined to be voted down in the Senate. The House bill, which would keep the budget “lights on” until November 18, 2011, includes $3.6 billion in critically-needed disaster relief funding off-set by cuts to renewable energy initiatives.

Congress is scheduled to begin a week-long recess on Monday, September 26 and the last day of the fiscal year is Friday, September 30.

Calls today to your Congress people and Senators are essential. The stakes are too high for too many Americans for our elected officials to hold their constituents hostage because of dead-end ideology.