Data Wednesday: Recap

To date, Data Wednesday has focused on the mechanics of using NPP’s Federal Priorities Database—a collection of information we’ve pulled from many, many government agencies and compiled into an easy-to-use search tool.

Beginning next week, we’ll focus less on how-to and more on the concepts important to making sense of our data. What is per-capita, and why is it important? How can you compare indicators and expenditures?

In the meantime, here’s a cheat sheet of what we’ve covered so far.  Give yourself a review session, and we’ll meet you back here next Wednesday. 

  1. Searching the Database
  2. Interpreting the Map
  3. Time Traveling on the Map
  4. Adjusting for Inflation
  5. Table View
  6. Downloading Data
  7. County Data
  8. Linking to Search Results
  9. Federal Money in the States
  10. Embedding Search Results