Happy Fourth of July!

Fireworks at National Monument

Fireworks in Washington D.C. Photo by Andreas Munter

This time of year, there's a feeling of patriotism in the air -- along with the fireworks, grilling, and parades.

We think there's nothing more patriotic than working for the promise of our democracy. Here at NPP, that promise is a vision of a nation where the federal budget is made by and for the people.

As you honor our nation's history this holiday weekend, we hope you will take a moment to consider that the federal budget is all about what our nation values. In its truest form, it should be a reflection of our democracy in action.

But is our current federal budget process effectively doing this? We think not. It's time to build a better federal budget -- one that more fully reflects the priorities of the American people. And that goal is what makes us feel especially patriotic this Fourth of July.

So amidst the parades and fireworks, check out these resources from NPP that help you trace the spirit of democracy from the federal budget back to your own priorities.

  • Find out how your tax dollars are actually spent by the federal government.
  • See how our nation might be different if we moved the money around from one spending area to another.
  • Make it local by tracking federal spending down to your state, county, or school district.
  • Tell your story about how federal programs have affected your life.
  • Share your priorities with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think? Tell us what democratic vision you're honoring this Fourth of July. And have a good holiday!