A People's Guide to the Federal Budget

This is what it means to be American. We have the power to change our government, and the course of history. But we can’t do it without first understanding a little bit about what’s going on. A People’s Guide to the Federal Budget is our way in.

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Ehrenreich.

Nothing will change in Washington unless the American people demand it. A People's Guide to the Federal Budget empowers Americans by explaining the inside-Washington game and offering tools to hold lawmakers accountable.

Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration and best-selling author of Aftershock and The Work of Nations

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A Video Introduction

Learn more about A People's Guide by watching this short video of lead author Mattea Kramer talking about the book.

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The Top 10 Reasons to Read A People's Guide to the Federal Budget

  1. Track down your money.
  2. Cast an informed vote.
  3. See George Washington at the tanning salon.
  4. Find out how you - yes, YOU - can help determine our country's future
  5. Separate substance from spin.
  6. Impress your friends at parties.
  7. See how the federal budget stacks up to your priorities.
  8. Show Congress who's boss.
  9. Learn to embrace the pie chart.
  10. Change the course of history. From the Tea Party to Occupy, democracy works when everyone participates.

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