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The costs of national security are wide-ranging. Depending on your point of view, national security could include everything from economic security to the costs of war. Our counters show the costs of the United States’ war on terrorism since September 11, 2001. Counters reflect costs estimated by the Costs of War project at Brown University.

Last updated March 19, 2018.

Costs of the War on Terror since 2001

Care for War on Terror Veterans since 2001

Cost To:


Homeland Security Costs of War Since 2001

Cost To:


Interest on War Debt since 2001

Cost To:


Military Costs of War since 2001

Cost To:


Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

Cost To:


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Why are these numbers different from the numbers in our Trade-Offs tool?

The numbers in Trade-Offs are projected total costs for a federal program in a given year. The numbers in the Cost of National Security counters are changing in real time to show how much has been spent on a program this year to date.