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On September 30, 2015, the last day of the federal fiscal year and the deadline for the new year's budget, Congress passed legislation known as a "continuing resolution" to continue government funding at fiscal year 2015 levels until December 11, 2015. The counters will reflect those funding levels for fiscal year 2016 until new budget information is available.

What counts as national security depends on your perspective. Some people consider wars overseas to be national security.

Cost of War in Afghanistan

Cost To:


Cost of War in Iraq

Cost To:


Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

Cost To:


Trade-Offs: What else could these dollars buy?

Others consider the U.S. military, fighter aircraft, and the American nuclear weapon stockpile to be national security.

Department of Defense in 2016

Cost To:


F-35 Joint Strike Fighter in 2016

Cost To:


Nuclear Weapons in 2016

Cost To:


Predator and Reaper Drones in 2016

Cost To:


Trade-Offs: What else could these dollars buy?

Some people consider giving weapons to other
countries to be national security.

Foreign Military Assistance in 2016

Cost To:


Trade-Offs: What else could these dollars buy?

After Sept. 11, 2001, we created the Department of Homeland Security and poured hundreds of billions of dollars into it, and some people consider that to be national security.

Homeland Security Since 9/11

Cost To:


Trade-Offs: What else could these dollars buy?

Others believe our national security is highly dependent on diplomacy and our role in the world.

Foreign Aid in 2016

Cost To:


Trade-Offs: What else could these dollars buy?

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Why are these numbers different from the numbers in our Trade-Offs tool?

The numbers in Trade-Offs are projected total costs for a federal program in a given year. The numbers in the Cost of National Security counters are changing in real time to show how much has been spent on a program this year to date.

Last Updated: May 28, 2015