Trade-Offs: Your Money, Your Choices

Welcome Cost of War Visitors

Thanks for visiting National Priorities Project's Cost of War Trade-Offs. We're excited to release a new comprehensive and interactive version of our Trade-Offs tool, which will allow you to create customized budget trade-offs for the programs that are most important to you and your community. You are being redirected to, where you will find war costs plus many new options related to the military, homeland security, and other types of federal spending.

If you have used Cost of War Trade-Offs in the past, you may notice that the new Trade-Offs tool looks and works slightly differently. These changes offer you the flexibility to customize trade-offs for your own community-- to choose how many school teachers and Pell Grants, among other things, are best for your city or town. We encourage you to explore this new tool.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 413-584-9556.

If you've generated a personalized tax receipt, you know how your tax dollars have been spent. But what if you could choose to allocate your tax dollars differently, in a way that reflects your own personal budget priorities? In three easy steps, estimate how much your state, city, congressional district, or county paid towards federal programs, choose what you would fund instead, and share your plan.

1 - Choose your state, city, congressional district, or county and a program.

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2 - Reallocate the tax dollars to reflect your own priorities. Add a trade-off to get started.

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3 - Share your ideas and learn more.

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A Note About Our Numbers

We generate trade-offs using enacted budget numbers for fiscal year 2015 as published by the White House Office of Management and Budget and costs published by various federal agencies. The localized numbers are calculated using our best approximation of individual income taxes paid by geographic area. These numbers are estimates only. For a full explanation of our sources and methodology, see the notes and sources page.

Why are these numbers different from the numbers in our Cost of National Security counters?

The numbers in Trade-Offs are projected total costs for a federal program through the end of the specified fiscal year. The numbers in the Cost of National Security counters are changing in real time to show how much has been spent on a program to date since the beginning of the fiscal year, unless otherwise specified.

Last Updated: 6/4/2015
Updated program and trade-off numbers for FY2015.