Tell Congress: We Welcome Syrian Refugees

Don't Use the Budget to Shut Out Refugees!

Syrian children

What’s the key to Representative Paul Ryan’s proposal to shut out Syrian refugees?

It’s the budget.

Proposed legislation would cut off funding to process Syrian refugees, leaving them out in the cold.

Polls show that Americans are concerned that allowing Syrian refugees may make us less safe. We can’t let fear make this decision for us. We must consider the facts:

  1. As a country of 300 million, we have committed to take a mere 10,000 Syrian refugees – and most likely, more than half of them will be children.
  2. The screening process for Syrian refugees is stricter than for any other group seeking entry to the U.S. It already takes two years.
  3. There is already talk of some lawmakers forcing a government shutdown over the inclusion of funding to process Syrian refugees in the budget bill. Holding the federal budget hostage over this issue would not only harm innocent Syrians looking for safety, it would harm Americans as well.

We are a nation of immigrants and refugees. We do not need to close our doors to the world’s most desperate women, children and men.

Sign our petition to let Congress know that shutting off funding to Syrian refugees does not represent your values.

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