Why Tax Resistance Under Trump Needs Its Antiwar Edge

NPP Pressroom

Frida Berrigan

There have always been fights about taxes -- stretching back to the crates of over-taxed tea tossed into the Boston Harbor and a thoughtful man's night in jail for refusing to pay taxes in the slave-holding state of Massachusetts. This country's long history of tax resistance stretches from the American Revolution to the religious non-cooperation of groups like the Mennonites and the Quakers to the movement to abolish slavery to resistance to every war fought in the 20th century. Following in the footsteps of this history and the example of Henry David Thoreau, there have always been a principled few who refuse to pay all or part of their federal taxes as an expression of their pacifism, or as a way of opposing specific policies. And there have always been demonstrations on April 15.

In my experience, these tax day actions are motley affairs. Handfuls of activists gather at post offices and IRS outposts around the country, where they try to engage stressed-out tax procrastinators with dense tracks about the atrocities our tax dollars are funding in the warzone du jour. 

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