Repeal and Replace the Trump Tax Plan: A Call to Action for 2018

NPP Pressroom

Lindsay Koshgarian

The passage of the most sweeping and disastrous tax plan in a generation is not just a defeat, it is a call to action for 2018.

Without doubt, opponents of the Trump tax plan have real reason to feel defeated: The tax plan favors corporations and billionaires and will even raise taxes on the bottom 60 percent of earners in 2027; it lowers the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent without closing major loopholes, as Trump had promised to do on the campaign trail; and it opens a $2 trillion hole in the national debt that conservatives will use to spur cuts to government benefits like Medicare and Medicaid.

But the tax plan is just one part of the Trump agenda, with more to come. There are reasons to look forward to better chances for success in the fights of 2018 (and beyond), and chances to set the stage for more progressive policies -- including tax policy -- in the years to come.

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