The GOP’s New Tax Plan: A Distraction That Could Throw the Midterm Elections

NPP Pressroom

Lindsay Koshgarian

President Trump and conservative congressional leaders are talking up a new incarnation of their 2017 tax plan that they say would come to a vote in Congress before the midterm elections.

The plan would cost hundreds of billions of dollars and would enshrine a more unequal tax system permanently. The new version of the tax plan is meant to appeal to middle-income Americans, but like the original tax plan, its biggest rewards are for the richest 1 percent.

More than just a bad piece of legislation, the new tax plan is also meant as a distraction. It’s a showpiece that’s meant to throw the 2018 congressional election results. Instead of a midterm that’s about a grotesquely inhumane immigration policy, the opioid crisissuicide epidemic or a tragic lack of good jobs across the country, Trump and his allies in Congress want Americans to focus on the one thing where they think they can flip the story to their advantage. 

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