New survey shows Americans want a more progressive foreign policy and, yes, that includes Israel

NPP Pressroom

Michael Arria

The Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) released research detailing how Medicare for All could be funded by slashing the United States military budget. Medicare for All was also a hot topic during the debate as Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders were both criticized by the other candidates for endorsing such a plan despite its costs.

Addressing the findings in a New York Times op-ed, IPS’ National Priorities Project director Lindsay Koshgarian writes that the necessary money for Medicare for All could be freed up via moves like a nuclear weapon ban, the end of military partnerships with private contractors, and production cuts for the F-35. “Over 18 years, the United States has spent $4.9 trillion on wars, with only more intractable violence in the Middle East and beyond to show for it,” points out Koshgarian. “That’s nearly the $300 billion per year over the current system that is estimated to cover Medicare for All (though estimates vary). While we can’t un-spend that $4.9 trillion, imagine if we could make different choices for the next 20 years.”

There’s certainly indications that such a plan might be more popular among voters than most lawmakers might think.

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