In Budget Proposal, President Obama Proposes New Domestic Investments, Increased Military Spending

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In Budget Proposal, President Obama Proposes New Domestic Investments, Increased Military Spending

National Priorities Project's analysis shows proposal would support some top priorities for the American public while increasing military spending

March 4, 2014



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NORTHAMPTON, MA--President Obama today unveiled his budget proposal for fiscal 2015, a plan that proposed new domestic investments while also requesting increases in military spending.

The proposal includes new manufacturing institutes and job training as well as the president's signature initiative of universal pre-kindergarten education. The budget would limit certain corporate tax loopholes in order to raise new revenue. National Priorities Project (NPP) released analysis of the budget and a statement about its significance to the American people.

Highlights of the new budget include:

"The president's budget contains some initiatives that would be widely popular with the American people, according to opinion polls. With an emphasis on jobs, education, and a reduction in corporate tax loopholes, the president produced a document that reflects many of the people's priorities," said Jasmine Tucker, NPP's research analyst.

"However, the president still favors expanding Pentagon spending -- even as we withdraw from Afghanistan and research suggests that the American people do not approve of devoting an astonishing 57 percent of discretionary spending to the military," Tucker added. "New analysis shows that military programs have largely avoided the cuts of sequestration, though news reports continue to suggest otherwise."

In order to become law, the president's budget would have to be approved by Congress.


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