New Report Compares Ryan, Obama, and CPC Budget Proposals

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National Priorities Project Compares Paul Ryan, President Obama, and Congressional Progressive Caucus On Issues that Matter Most to Americans

April 1, 2014




Jasmine Tucker,, 240-529-4158


Northampton, MA - National Priorities Project (NPP) today released its one-of-a-kind comparison of federal budget proposals issued by House Budget Chair Paul Ryan, President Obama, and the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC).


The new report highlights the issues that matter the most to Americans, according to opinion polls, and shows how each proposal stacks up against what the public wants.


Some key findings include:

  • On Job Creation, 74 percent of Americans say restoring the job market is a top priority.  
    • The CPC proposes $1.3 trillion for job creation over a decade. 
    • President Obama proposes $143 billion over 10 years for job creation through infrastructure. 
    • Ryan does not propose funding for direct job creation.
  • On Domestic Discretionary spending, opinion polls reveal that domestic investment in education, energy and environment, job training, and other domestic initiatives are top priorities for Americans.  
    • The CPC would prevent cuts and add substantial funding. 
    • President Obama would prevent the cuts from sequestration and add a small amount of additional funding.
    • Ryan would allow sequester cuts and then make additional cuts nearing 20 percent in some cases for total cuts of $791 billion over a decade.
  • On Taxes, 67 percent of Americans want corporations and the wealthiest taxpayers to pay more in taxes as a result of fewer tax breaks.  
    • The CPC budget substantially reduces tax breaks for corporations while adding new tax brackets for millionaires and billionaires.  
    • President Obama would limit deductions for top earners and impose a "Buffett Rule."  
    • The Ryan budget steeply reduces tax rates for the top earners; it would also reduce tax breaks but does not specify which ones.

"Proposals for the federal budget must reflect the values of a majority of Americans," said Jasmine Tucker, Research Analyst at National Priorities Project. "Our analysis shows that these three budget proposals represent competing visions for America -- and that some lawmakers' visions are out of step with the priorities voiced by most Americans." 


Tucker added, "Americans must demand that Congress follow a transparent and accountable budget process so we can all weigh in on which proposal best aligns with our views for our nation."


See the complete side-by-side comparison of budget proposals.


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