NPP Cheers Engagement from Americans on Budget Process, Successful Pressure on Congress

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National Priorities Project Cheers Engagement from Americans on Budget Process, Congratulates Them on Successful Pressure on Congress
October 17, 2013
NORTHAMPTON, MA--National Priorities Project (NPP) today praised NPP constituents across the country who successfully pressured Congress to do its job and pay our bills. Yesterday's budget agreement excluded virtually every demand from the narrow group of representatives that had until now obstructed the process and shut down the government. The agreement lays the groundwork for negotiations for near-term funding of the federal government. 
"When Congress was not working, the American people went to work. They should feel proud: they successfully applied political pressure to end the people-made crises of the shutdown and potential default on our nation's debt. The proposed conference committee gives us the opportunity to keep the pressure on to deal with two remaining crises: the very bad policy of sequestration and the opaque, unaccountable revenue conversation. To keep the pressure on, Americans need resources to understand the budget process. National Priorities Project will continue to work to shed light on the federal budget so individuals and organizations can make their voices heard," National Priorities Project Executive Director Jo Comerford said.


NPP points to three upcoming milestones:
Comerford pointed to the first milestone--the budget conference committee--as a perfect opportunity for Americans to weigh in.

"Sequestration is a terrible way to budget. It cuts without reference to Americans priorities, and we urge people to push their representatives to attack it during the conference. We also need to demand Congress use this opportunity to have a real conversation on revenue--without a shield of 50 years of secrecy for elected officials proposing tax reforms. We plan to keep shining a light on this process, and we encourage people to stay engaged so they can get the budget they deserve," Comerford said.


Comerford and NPP Research Director Mattea Kramer also co-authored a piece at about the shutdown, "What Was Essential and What Wasn't: The Government Shutdown in Perspective," which you can find here: