NPP Releases Fact Sheets on 13 Key Election Issues

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 National Priorities Project Releases Fact Sheets on 13 Key Election Issues

 2014 Voter’s Guide includes key data points, implications for the federal budget, and top questions to ask candidates running for Congress

 Sept. 8, 2014


 Northampton, Mass.— The Nobel Peace Prize-nominated National Priorities Project (NPP) announces the release of its 2014 Voter’s Guide, a suite of reference materials designed to help voters get the facts on thirteen key federal budget issues at stake in the 2014 election.

 “With overwhelming political polarization, gridlock, and rhetoric in today’s political environment, voters need a resource they can turn to for unbiased, non-partisan facts before heading to the poll on November 4th,” said NPP’s Executive Director, Doug Hall. “In just two months, Americans will vote on which leaders will make decisions for our nation for years to come – and every voter should have access to clear information about what’s at stake this year and beyond.”

 NPP’s Voter’s Guide gives voters the facts they need on the federal government’s role in vital systems Americans care about, including unemployment insurance, education programs, and the military. Designed to help voters get the facts on candidates’ platforms, NPP’s Voter’s Guides also includes top questions to ask Congressional candidates on Social Security, jobs, corporate inversions, and more.

 In-depth fact sheets are included on the following issues:

  See the complete 2014 Voter’s Guide: