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Faces of the Federal Budget

Now, personally, I feel very strongly that we ought not be providing some types of care for people of a certain age, and I’m saying this being 73. I do not think we owe a 60 or 70 year old a million dollars’ worth of medical care. Panels made up of doctors and citizens should decide how much money is spent on you at the beginning and end of life. If you want to and do buy a catastrophic health insurance policy to cover major care when you are older that is fine.

When I see good road systems, I’m proud of paying taxes. When I see bad road systems, I’m really angry that we’re not paying more taxes. … We have some lousy roads now in Colorado Springs. … About five months ago, I was coming back from the gym and I hit this pothole … and I ended up with a flat tire and a bent rim… $800 worth of expenses. Believe me, I would have been more than happy to have paid another $100 a year in taxes to have had that road in much better shape.
I feel a lot of my tax dollars are going for people who … want to live outside the city limits because they don’t want to pay city taxes, but they want all the services… [they] turn right around and demand the best of service, including clearing of the roads when it snows and so forth … and frequently politicians cave in and give it to them.

I get a very generous pension from the Air Force – extremely generous. … So obviously, we benefit directly [from our tax contributions]… Far too many retired military people complain about the government, complain about big government, complain about taxes. … The taxes that are being paid by everybody are paying their really fabulous retirement and their social security. … Do you not understand where your wonderful benefits are coming from? And I’m not saying those things aren’t deserved. I’m not saying they aren’t earned. I’m just saying that people that are getting them ought to be more appreciative in my opinion, of how they are getting them.

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