Cecilia from FLINT, TX

Faces of the Federal Budget

Texas is the poster-child for the deep divide in incomes that we are all reading about. On one side, you have people who have (very often now they have inherited) very substantial income from owning oil wells and industries built around them. You also have oil field workers pulling in $200-$300,000 per year. One the other end, we still have people who wash their clothes ever Saturday at the river (hard to imagine but that is the Texas reality). Every report I find gives the average income. I would like to see a report (especially for Tyler, Texas) based on the mean incomes showing them from the top to the bottom in $5,000 (or about) increments. Until Americans have a clear picture of their reality, I don't foresee things changing. Everyone seems to want to tell themselves that they are part of the 1% and so are their neighbors. They have little idea of the poverty in our cities.

Your site is amazing. I have shared it with over 2,000 people today. To bad we are the ones with the oil-wells! Just kidding.

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