Gina from Greenville, NC

Faces of the Federal Budget

My story is that I've listened to public radio through UNC Chapel Hill for the past three years. That's when I moved to NC, three years ago. I work at a public institution of higher education. I've seen reductions in spending in grant opportunities (federal grants) and I have heard about the cuts to teacher salaries and the loss of bonuses for teachers and what have you. What I would appreciate is for everyone in NC to read about their state's receipt of federal dollars and spending of those dollars so they may see the only change to impact this state that I can see is a loss of federal contracts. Federal contracts were big paying attempts to do anything from irrigate the foreign deserts to set up information hubs at locations in Iraq and elsewhere. They were gained by those mainly claiming they want less federal assistance and now that the contracts are gone because the US participation in the made-up war to have begun fighting in Iraq ENDED. The remaining budget is unchanged and higher in areas with lesser taxes. Please promote National Priorities Organization and let me know when you have an opening.

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