Dee from Pittsburgh, PA

Faces of the Federal Budget

My late husband had very, very heavy exposure to Agent Orange while serving in combat in Vietnam during the worst of the time and at a place where airplanes were spraying the poison every day. Agent Orange was dripping from the trees onto our ground troops who became soaked in it. These men could not wash themselves or their uniforms unless they came to a river.

The cancer my husband developed at age 58 was not one of the 14 VA "approved cancers" so his claim was denied. His cancer was listed as only being "suspected" of being caused by Agent Orange exposure. Being denied these benefits was extremely hurtful to a man who had served in a highly decorated unit and who bravely served his country.

I want to see our veterans PROPERLY taken care of. Foreign Aid and assistance to foreign militaries is the first area that can be cut, in my opinion.

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