Colby from San Antonio, TX

Faces of the Federal Budget

I am ashamed to pay my taxes because of how they are spent/wasted; constant war, murder, torture, imprisonment, violence, spying. Most of our money, both in the budget and hidden, goes to support violence, propaganda, lying. If I had integrity, if I were not so old and ill, I would stop paying.

The U.S. is, at the moment, in my opinion, one of the worst, most immoral, countries in the world. Since the beginning of this country we have murdered, enslaved, and deceived. It is a shameful history. Even the UN now has declared us war criminals.

I am retired, and more than half of my income comes from Social Security. I PAID for it during a lifetime of working. Now the Republicans are calling it an "entitlement" and threatening to privatize it. Privatization is a scam and TPP and the other agreements being currently considered will privatize everything. We will be slaves of the corporations. No rights, no privacy.

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