Clayton from Waukesha, WI

Faces of the Federal Budget

I am a nineteen year old college student who is covered under Medicare/Medicaid due to a disability, but who nevertheless has no intentions of ever paying federal income tax - not until we cut our military budget down to at least 2.5% of our nominal GDP, not until we Americans stop going to war unless the United States gets attacked by a sovereign nation without provocation, not until we start taxing individuals with incomes at or above $100,000 a year at 50% of their income, not until we start cutting payroll taxes for employers and employees, not until we legalize all kinds of currently illegal drugs and tax them to death, not until we put an end to capital punishment, etc., etc. I'll live in the middle of a dark alley if I have to. I just simply will not pay for death and destruction at the expense of the lower class, the working class, or the middle class. I just simply will not!

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