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I have had type-1 diabetes since 1978. I have not had health insurance since 2004 (and have decimated my personal savings to pay for my medical expenses). So you can imagine my chagrin to find out about the ACA. Finally, I would get 2014. So I patiently waited, spent more of my own money and waited.

One day last year, I was at the drug store picking up prescriptions, when I noticed a flyer for PCIP. I read it and got a bit excited. Okay, I would get insurance sooner than 2014, no big deal. Less stress is ALWAYS a good thing. Then I contacted PCIP, who informed me that I had to have NO coverage at ALL for six months to be eligible. What I had was a payment plan, not insurance, and it cost me money and didn't provide me with much of anything in the way of service. So I contacted them and cancelled it. Because of their stupid rules, my cancellation would take place immediately, but I wouldn't be off their roles until November 1, 2012.

But I was on the nowhere, as it turns out.

In February, half-way through my six month waiting period, I went to the PCIP website and was greeted by this: "Beginning February 16, 2013, the federally-run Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) is suspending acceptance of new enrollment applications until further notice. State-based PCIPs may continue accepting enrollment applications through March 2, and will then suspend acceptance of new enrollment applications until further notice. PCIP will continue providing coverage to more than 100,000 people currently enrolled nationwide. We encourage you to visit Exit Disclaimer Icon to explore your other health care options."

Except that I have NO other health care options. So now I'm waiting for January 1, of right now, I still have no other health care options, because my governor doesn't want ANYTHING to do with the ACA and refuses to set up an exchange in this state. This governor is also ADAMANTLY opposed to expanding the Medicaid coverage for the people of his state. And don't talk to me about this state's high-risk pool. Sure it provides some kind of coverage, but I don't make enough money to pay the $12,364 or $12,384 in yearly premiums out of my own pocket.

I THINK that by October of this year, I will finally learn what my options are in regards to the ACA, but I'm not holding my breath. Right now, I'm barely holding on to my sanity.

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