Alton from Lakeland, FL

Faces of the Federal Budget

In late afternoon of September 10, 2003, I was planting a citrus tree when I detected a pain in my lower abdomen. Later in the evening when I was at church the pain suddenly skyrocketed. My wife rushed me to the hospital taking me to emergency. I rolled around the gurney in blinding pain. I could not even lie still enough to have an EKG. I was diagnosed with a ruptured diverticum. I had no primary care physician at the time because I felt no need for one. I lay three days in and out of consciousness. I heard someone say, "We better get this guy into surgery or he's dead meat." Thus began a series of operations, ten in all, over the next three years that incurred something short of a million dollars of medical bills. With the help of Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield I came through it with two ostomies, one colostomy and one urostomy and still financially solvent. I would have been living in the street (if I was alive at all) without Medicare and BCBS. I think these are the most humane and caring arms of our government. I have to say that people who would in any way damage these essential services are selfish to an unbelievable degree.

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