Martin from Cortland, NY

Faces of the Federal Budget

I have been on Social Security Disability since 2001... and I've been totally dependent on Medicaid and Medicare to cover the costs of major medical problems that have scarred me physically and emotionally since birth.

Things recently came to a head when I finally manged to convince my cardiologist and GP that my "minor" cardiac problem was anything but. About a year ago at age 51 and a half I had a test that revealed that I had been born with a grossly malformed aortic valve and would require emergency open heart surgery to replace it.

To make a long and sad story short I will simply say that without Medicaid and Medicare and other "benefit" programs I would not have been able to have the surgery.... and without the presence of that "safety net" I would continue to be in dire straits. Recent testing revealed that the lifesaving surgery caused major side-effects, including damage to the nerves that control my diaphragm... leaving me very short of breath and easily exhausted upon exertion.

Without these programs I would have no life and no future.

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