Janet from Cotati, CA

Faces of the Federal Budget

I'm an RN with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, and 33 years of experience in critical care [adult/peds/neonatal], clinic, ambulatory care, and home care. I currently work in Home Health nursing. My role is to keep my clients stable enough to stay out of the hospital. Every time Medicare/SSI policy changes, what's available to my clients for their care and safety becomes less. Every time regulation of Big Pharma, Big Medicine, and Big Equipment is decreased, the safety of my clients is at greater risk. Every time environmental protections, safe food regulations, and clean water protections are decreased, my clients and their family are at greater risk. Every time reimbursements for Home Care go down, so do my wages, even as my education and experience increase. Every time student loan fees and interest go up, and protections are erased, I'm at more risk for defaulting [which I do not want to do] and my credit is less and less worthy, because lower wages + higher costs = less ability to pay and keep current. My savings was in my house, but I lost that, and I'm older now- getting back that nest egg gets harder and harder, and I'm not confident that either Social Security or Medicare will be there for me when I'm not able to work full-time. It's really depressing. I'm a Nurse: I want to help people be as healthy as they can be, but I get less and less support every year from the federal government for it.

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