Pamela from Laytonville, CA

Faces of the Federal Budget

I live in northern California in what was lumber country but has been supported by marijuana for 30 years. We've been paying the government to attack us viciously for our labor and financial support in a world of continuing depression financially and mentally. I started campaigning for public office 1986 with a platform of using taxpayer's dollars only to restore Earth and inhabitants growing marijuana everywhere as substitute for current source of gasoline, toxic plastic wrap & containers for food, nuclear, coal, hydro energy, [toilet] paper, dirty air, food, water, local unemployment, failing economy, environment, social security. healthcare. I quit working a good paying job 1978, luckily got welfare, then social security disability, living in a 6x14 foot trailer the last 16 years, lived a rough life, attacked, mostly by police, lonely wigged out drunks, heroin and speed users, went to jail for cultivation twice. My son broke up with his wife of almost 20 years, got the house back two years later-- a large acre full of cars, trucks, RVs trailers, tons of garbage not there when he left, and a foreclosure bill of $8,000 dollars he had to borrow from his godfather to pay.
My son's a workingman since 14, rarely took vacations for 30 years, pays hefty child support to a woman living on welfare with half custody of his son and two children with another man who pays no support. I live on my son's property and pay a moderate rate, was investigated by social security and half my SSI was taken away as my son charged me less then he did his girlfriend and two half-time daughters, none of us can afford to live on our own and barely support the living arrangement we have. My youngest son has been under attack from the police in many counties since he was 16, been to jail many times for walking down the street, minimal marijuana counts, maximum fines tho he did the time, probably will never get his driver's license back tho he's an excellent driver. He goes from job to job, they take $150 from each check for fines, rarely give him the unemployment funds he works for, hassles him for food stamps. He's incredibly intelligent, was told he was retarded in school so the school could get extra funding, and qualified for SSI as many other people have achieved for life for being retarded when the teachers and doctors said they were, but never got it.. One woman I know gets disability since 8 years and now for 3 of her 6 children. Great money, funding I'd rather pay than a new submarine, but if we divert money now used for taxpayer's NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS, [defense, space research, charity to other countries rich, unneeded building, {our understructure is the people & Earth, not roads & bridges} to employment restoring Earth, pay, $15 an hour, a 30 hour workweek, a $300 monthly living stipend = $27,000 yearly, less then jail or prison, creating taxpaying consumers. I save every penny I can for my ballot access almost every 2 years, some of my constituents contribute a dollar or so to help me. I'm a 3rd party person, used to have to get 150 in-lieu of payment signatures for ballot access, I have been hassled continuously by the secretary of state from refusing my ballot designation, that which attracts like thinking voters to vote for one, to stealing my ballot access funds of $1310 because of a clerks mistake 2008. Now, though I have to pay the same amount or in-lieu signature as other candidates only the top two vote getters go to the general election, and no third party candidates achieve that, so huge amounts of voters are not allowed even a protest vote. I know I'm luckier then most having a place to live and funding to do so, but everybody here deserves the same instead of new warfare and continuing destruction of Earth & Inhabitants, diminishing water.

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